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Hall Of Honor

  • 3 Educational Pioneers
    3 Educational Pioneers
  • Gloria Jones
    Gloria Jones
  • Gene Chubb
    Gene Chubb
  • John Lawrence Colonghi
    John Lawrence Colonghi
  • Scott Lippman
    Scott Lippman
  • Jim Zumwalt
    Jim Zumwalt
  • Lora Cicalo
    Lora Cicalo
  • Darcy Arreola Lange
    Darcy Arreola Lange
  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright
  • Kristin Danielson Rhodes
    Kristin Danielson Rhodes
  • 2020 Hall Of Honor
    2020 Hall Of Honor
  • 2015 Hall of Honor
    2015 Hall Of Honor

From the 1960's to the 1980's, 27 Grossmont alumni were selected as Honor Graduates. Beginning in 2010, and every 5 years subsequent, Grossmont High School's Hall of Honor will welcome notable alumni or faculty/staff/community members who have achieved in one of several areas: athletics, academics, arts, public service or who have been dedicated faculty, staff or community members. Currently, there ar 39 Hall of Honor Members.

Below are the photographs and the text from the Hall of Honor plaques presented to each honoree; these plaques are displayed in the Museum! These individuals have brought honor to Grossmont High School after their graduation or through their years of involvement with Grossmont.

2020 Hall of Honor

With the addition of these 12 inductees, the Hall of Honor will acknowledge the achievements of 51 outstanding Foothillers.

4 GHS Educators

  1. Ethel Prosser, GHS Pioneer Educator 1920-1952
  2. Carl Quicksall, GHS Pioneer Educator 1920-1944
  3. Eva McCarthy Quicksall, GHS Pioneer Educator, 1922-1962
  4. Gloria Jones, Legendary History Teacher 1962-2000 and ASB Advisor 1967-2000

8 GHS Alumni

  1. Gene Chubb, Class of 1948, GHS Benefactor
  2. John Lawrence Colonghi, Class of 1965, Financial and Public Affairs Consultant to American Indian Tribes and Chief Fundraiser for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)
  3. Scott Lippman, M.D., Class of 1973: Director of Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health Professor of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and Care, Chugai Pharmaceutical Chair in Cancer
  4. James P. Zumwalt, Class of 1974, Member of the State Department from 1981; Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal and the Republic of Guinea Bissau from 2015-2017
  5. Lora Cicalo, Class of 1979: Journalist; Managing Editor of The San Diego Union Tribune
  6. Darcy Arreola, Class of 1986, NCAA Four Time Track and Cross Country Champion
  7. Paul Wright, Class of 1987, MLS Player and Legendary San Diego Soccers Indoor Soccer Player
  8. Kristin Rhodes, Class of 1993, 8-Time winner of the America’s Strongest Woman Title and a 3-Time Strongest Woman World Champion.

1990's Hall of Honor

Kristin Danielson Rhodes - Class of 1993 After high school, Kristin Danielson Rhodes attended San Diego State University where she threw the hammer, discus, and javelin as a student-athlete for the Women’s Track Team. After college, Kristin began training...

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1980's Hall of Honor

Darcy Arreola Lange - Class of 1986 Darcy Arreola Lange had a prestigious career at Grossmont High School: she was a two time CIF San Diego Champion in Cross Country, CIF Champion in the 800m, and two time CIF Champion in the 1600m. In 1986 she won the...

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1970's Hall of Honor

Michele Marsh - Class of 1972 Michele Marsh graduated from Northwestern University in 1976 and immediately became a reporter/anchor for WABI-TV in Bangor, Maine. A job at KSAT-TV in San Antonio, Texas, followed. In 1979, her meteoric rise carried her to...

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1960's Hall of Honor

Michael Madigan - Class of 1961 Michael Madigan returned to the public sector in 1999 after spending 21 years with Pardee Construction Company, retiring as the Senior Vice President in charge of Pardee Development Coordination for planned communities including...

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1950's Hall of Honor

Gordon Austin - Class of 1951 In the 1970’s during a time when downtown La Mesa was feeling the impact of competition from the large shopping malls such as Grossmont Center, Gordon Austin thought of ways to bring people back to La Mesa. In 1976, Gordon...

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1940's Hall of Honor

Dr. Robert H. Kokernot - Class of 1940 Dr. Kokernot was an assistant director, Center for Zoonosis Research at the University of Illinois. He received three doctorates, one in veterinary medicine from Texas A&M, one in medicine from Baylor University...

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1930's Hall Of Honor

Ellamarie Packard Woolley Class of 1932 Ellamarie Packard Woolley was an artist and teacher, known for her enameled copper art. In the 1930’s, Ellamarie and her fellow student artists at San Diego State University created Diego Rivera-style murals in...

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1920's Hall of Honor

Lawrence Carr, Class of 1925 Lawrence spent his career in the San Diego City Schools District in various coaching and administrative positions. During his high school coaching days, he mentored several students who became nationally known athletes. ...

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