Thank You To Our Generous Donors

In Recognition of Donations of Money and Memorabilia

We want to thank the wonderful supporters of the GHS Museum who have donated money or memorabilia to the Museum. 

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leave printThe GHS Museum and Alumni Association need your support to continue our efforts to celebrate, preserve, and display our remarkable Foothiller history. As we look ahead to moving into the 3300 square foot dance room (rec room in old Girls PE Building) in 2019, we need your financial donations to fund new display cases since only a few cases in the current Museum are portable.
Also, please help us fund our newest book documenting the 62-year Pictorial History of the Christmas Pageant, a two year project.

Donations of any amount are welcome. To make a donation, please donate via Pay Pal or write a check payable to GHS Educational Foundation and mail to GHS Museum, P.O. Box 1043, La Mesa, CA 91944.

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Our Generous 2022 Donors

Financial Donations

General Fund: Class of 1971; George Matosian; Bob Papciak, Retired Staff: Milton Alexander and Karen Moss; Class of 1971; David Dolloff, Class of 1977; Tom Bloomer, Class of 1967; Bud Close, Class of 1946; Wilson Ochoa, Class of 1981; Betty Jo Graves Shaieb, Class of 1952

Class of 1965 Stadium Bench:  Phil Pratt; Tange Tipton and Tom Gavin; Janet Rippinger

Memorabilia Donations

The Family of Brad Baer, Class of 1962: 3 1961 Foothill Echoes; 2 Football Programs 1960 and 1961; 1961 Football Schedule Card with Scores; 1961-62 ASB Card; 1961 and 1962 Breitbard Athletic Foundation and GUHS District Award Certificates for Track and Field and Football; 1960s Sports Illustrated Lou Groza Teaches You the Place Kick and Secrets of a Pro Quarterback; 1960-1962 Athletic Letter Certificates in Football and Track; 1962 Campus Tean Magazine on Hix Mix; June 2,1962 44th Annual CIF State Meet Program and Marlin Baer’s Coach’s Ribbon; 1960-1962 Newspaper Articles on Football and Track and Field; 1963-1966 SDS Men’s Track and Field Photos, Programs, Newspaper Articles, donated to SDSU Special Collections

Dawn Voss Beisigl, Class of 1987: One 1986 and Two 1987 Prom Glasses

Ed Basilio, Retired Vocal Music Director: Choir Trips to Europe Memorabilia including 2016 Sapienza Universita Di Roma Gold Medallion Given by the Dean of the University of Rome; Benedictive XVI Pontifex Maxim VS 1506-2006 Gold and Silver Medallion Given by the Vicar of Rome at Vatican City; Mare De Deu De La Merce, 2002 ?Patrona De Barcelona Silver Medallion Given by the Bishop of Barcelona; 1996 Framed Silver and Gold Madonna and Child Given by Chaplain in Centro Pilipino, Rome; Snake Bite Kit.

David Boyles, Class of 1967: 1967 El Recuerdo and 1967 GHS Graduation Dance Card

Joanie Yarger Hanson, Class of 1955: 4 El Recuerdos, 1952-1955; 1953-4 Cheer Leader Outfit, Gold Corduroy with Long Pants

Don and Judy Harvey Harvie, Class of 1971:  Don Hubler Memorabilia including 2003 Choir Reunion Poster Board;  3 CDs of Selected and Favorite Songs, Girls Ensemble 1965-1972; Red Robe Choir, 1964-1972; Men’s Ensemble, Combined Ensemble and Red Robe Choir 1965-1972 Taken from Reel to Reel Recordings; Memory Stick of Those Recordings; Vocal Music Records, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973; 1969, 1970, 1971 El Recuerdos with Student Signatures;  1970 Photos and Article of Students Rehearsing in Choir Room; 8x10 Photos of Maxine and Don, 1969 Choir and the 1971 Combined Men and Girls Ensemble; 1969 Christmas Pageant Program

Nan Heard, Class of 1971: 1975 Graduation Tassle belonging to Will Heard

Pat McCain Howes, Class of 1952: Gene Wright, Class of 1949,  Vietnam Wall Rubbing and Biography

Donna Walker Inversin, Class of 1966: Taken from Her Previously Donated Scrapbook: Sixteen 1962-1964 Football Programs, Pep Ribbon, 1964 Fall and Spring Obras; 1963 Mother Goose Parade Program; 1964 Driver Training Road Test Sheet

Renee Racette Kelman, Class of 1980: Grossmont Foothiller Seat Cushion

Rose Kerlin, Grandmother of Tommy, Class of 2016, Rose, Class of 2009, and Justin Rutherford, Class of 2007:  Est. 1920s Roller Skates Made by Chicago Skate Co., Skate Keys, and Carrying Satchel , 1940s Bob Pins, belonged to Aunt Charlotte Corneliussan, Born in 1907, who Skated in Fargo, North Dakota.

Debbie Lerud, PTSA Historian: 1996-97 PTSA Records

Robin Luby, Retired English Teacher:  1996 El Recuerdo 75th Anniversary T-shirt and GHS Traditions on Back and “Imagine” T-shirt, a 1992-93 GHS Human Relations (Peer Listeners) Club T-shirt

Glen Maxion, Class of 1967: Pastel Image of the 1922 Castle Iconic Doors

John Neil, Retired Teacher: 2012 Girls Golf T shirt: Girls Soccer Goalie T shirt; 2013-2014 Lady Foothillers Sweatshirt; 2016-2017 Girls Soccer Hooded Sweatshirt and Sweatpants; Vintage Lacrosse Wooden Stick; Photo of 2003 Girls Soccer Team.

Wilson Ochoa, Class of 1981: 5 CDS, Volumes 1-5 of Superior Highlights Red Robe Choir, Robert Boucher, Director

Sam G. Snyder, Class of  1956: Dons Service Club Navy Blue Nylon Jacket with Emblem

Heather Stone Smith, Class of 1992: 1988-89 and 1989-90 Grossmont Royal Blue Regiment Photos; Grossmont Royal Blue Regiment T-Shirt; Grossmont Hillers Spirit T-Shirt; Long Sleeve Grad Night 92 T-Shirt; Grossmont Winter Formal Drinking Glass; December 8, 1990 Heather Stone and William Yelles; June 6, 1992 Senior Prom U.S. Grant Hotel Photo “Forever Young”; 30 Reunion Brochures; Graduation Memorial Ribbon for 3 Students and 1 Teacher who Died in 1991-92.

J.W. (Arthur) Wallace, Class of 1982: Book The Adventures of J.W. Santee, Donated for the Class of 1982.

Devon Harwell White and Brian White, Class of 1981: The Blue Machine Spirit Pin

Cindy Ruth Williams, Class of 1977: 1967 Copyright 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting Textbook and 1967 Copyright How to Use Adding And Calculating Machines Textbook.

Rebecca Vargas Wilson, GHS Counselor: GHS Senior Awards Tickets for May 27, 2021 (only time tickets have been given for senior awards).

Our Generous 2021 Donors

Everywhere we look in the museum, we see evidence of the great love Foothillers have for their school, shown especially by the memorabilia they have chosen to donate to the museum.  We thank you!

2020-21 Memorabilia Donations

Art Ballantyne, Class of 1953: 3 Music Programs, GUHS Music Department Combined Concert, Orchestra, Red-Robed Choir, Glee Clubs, February 23, 1951; An Evening of Chamber Music, March 9th, 1951; Spring Concert of the Senior Orchestra April 27, 1951; Photographs: 1952-53 Concert Band; Music Educators National Convention Orchestra, March 29-1953, Tucson, Arizona; 1943 El Cajon Valley Jr. High School Photograph; El Cajon Elementary School Photo

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