December 2022 | GHS Museum Newsletter

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GHS Museum Update

At the end of the summer, we received startling news about our new museum space. In February, we had been told by the district that the size of the new museum was the same as our previous site (3000 sq. ft.), but in September, looking closely at the plans with the actual dimensions on them, we learned that the space is actually one third smaller (less than 2000 sq. ft). The size had been reduced, unbeknownst to the principal or to us.

We can’t describe our disappointment and anger as we try to envision fitting all of our wonderful displays into a much smaller space. A continual sadness for us these past few months is how much we miss sharing the museum with the students, staff, and alumni.

Summer Campus Tours

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May-June 2022 | GHS Museum Newsletter

Dear Friends,

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We have enjoyed the number of alumni, retirees, family, and friends who have visited the museum before our closing May 25, 2022. It’s gratifying for us to see their enthusiasm and appreciation for the new museum, our second version of the GHS Museum.

May 25th, we will finish having students visit with freshman classes. (Then all of the GHS students will have visited us this school year!)

Here is a fun photo of four students enjoying their time at the museum during lunch standing beside a 1950s boy’s cheer sweater which displays the original 1947 Gus logo. The students are wearing coonskin caps, donated by the GHS Educational Foundation, as they celebrate being Foothillers.

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March-April 2022 | GHS Museum Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We have sad news to share with you.

GHS Museum Closing from June 2022 through Summer of 2023.

Recently, we learned that the museum’s needed installation of heating and air conditioning as well as the replacement of the windows required a seismic retrofit of thebuilding. These improvements are not possible in the 1950 Dance Room, where the museum is currently located.

Needless to say, we are heartbroken. There are so many ironies, among them that we have only been open since late April 2021, not even a year. A huge sadness for us is the loss the students will feel. This year, through their English classes, the seniors and juniors have visited the museum. We plan to have the sophomores visit this month and the freshmen in May. Last Wednesday, we had at least 60 students visit at lunch, many for the first time. They love the typewriters, the telephones, and, recently, have discovered the 1930s stencil machine that creates signs, one letter at a time. This past Saturday, a student came during our open hours to practice his typing. About 45 minutes later, we heard him say, “I’ve got to go. I was only supposed to be here 30 minutes!” as he ran out the door.

Our new space will be about the same size, but without the historic memories. We are working with the architects to design the interior of the new museum. The museum will be farther east on campus, next to the Humanities Building, with the new weight room to the west of it.

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December 2021 | GHS Museum Newsletter

A Look Back at the 101st Anniversary Celebration

Grossmont High School’s 101st Anniversary Celebration was a time for Foothillers to gather, reminisce, and share their Foothiller pride. 101 years ago, the school’s founding board members, principal, teachers, staff, and its community could not have imagined the Grossmont of today, a school that treasures its past and embraces its future.

This identity is shown throughout the campus with the preservation of historic buildings, with the additional of modern buildings whose appearance echo the school’s origins, as well as the many bronze plaques and benches celebrating its past donated by alumni and retirees.

More than once, museum visitors have told us that Grossmont looks more like a college campus than a high school.

Friday, October 15th

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