Our Generous 2017 Donors

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

Big G on the Hill Facelift: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962 and Eddie Ramos, GHS Staff

General Fund: Larry Vikander, Class of 1965; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955

Monthly GHS Staff Donors to the General FundA Special Thank You to Our Monthly GHS Staff Donors: Jim Early, Class of 1990; Don Ginn, Class of 1987; Brie Pagano Honeycutt, Class of 2001; Bob Papciak, Plant Manager; Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975.

History of the Christmas Pageant Book: Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965; Class of 1948 Reunion Proceeds

New Museum Display Cases: Class of 1966 Reunion Proceeds

Track Program: Sharon Galvin Davis and Bill Ashman

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Don Ginn, Class of 1987, and GHS History Teacher: Grossmont So. Cal. Baseball Champs Letterman Jacket Patch (it is displayed in the Museum beside the trophy)

Mark Houston, Class of 1966: Shadow Box Tribute to David Hickman, Vietnam Casualty

Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940 Family: Shadow Box Framed 1940 Letterman's Sweater, including Robert's 4 Athletic Letters and Photographs of Robert at GHS; Track 1939 Class A All American Banner; 1939 and 1940 El Recuerdos

Jeri Lundy, Retired GHS Home Economics Teacher: Thanks to Jeri, Two Beautiful Quilts Hang at GHS: the 1993 GRC Humans for Harmony Quilt, Created by the First Human Relations Council Hangs in the Counseling Offices and the 2004 Photography Quilt, Created by Eileen Mandell's Photograhy Students, now Hangs in the Photography Classroom; Both Quilts Were Originally Pieced by Jeri.  Jeri Cleaned the Quilts, Prepared them for Hanging and Donated the Hardward  to Display These Wonderful Pieces of GHS History.

Charlotte Acorn McGowan, Class of 1948: 1945 and 1946 El Recuerdos; 1948 Diplomas belonging to Charlotte and James R. McGowan, Jr.;

Family of Bev McSpadden, Retired GHS Finance Clerk: 19 Yearbooks; Team Photographs including Baseball, Soccer, Football; Framed Commissioner of Finance Collages, Personal Thank You Notes; 1996 Photo of the Pool; Spirit Pins and Badges, and more.

Willa Deen Isbell Ramsay, Ed. D, Class of 1953:  Reach for the Stars!!, An Autobiography and Genealogical History by Willa Deen Isbell Ramsay, Ed.D with Several Chapters on Willa's Years at GHS

Nancy Carr Short, Class of 1959: POW Bracelet Worn in Memory of Captain Peter Russell, MIA 8-1-68 and Grossmont Silver Charm Bracelet with Football

Tom Sims, Class of 1971 Monte Vista HS: 1951 El Recuerdo; 1950’s 78 record: “All Hail Dear Grossmont”: Grossmont Band and Girls Trio and A.S.B. Chorus and “Come Raise a Song”: Grossmont Band and Girls Trio

Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975: POW Bracelet She Wore for Lt. Larry Stevens, USN 14 Feb. 69 and her Future Farmers of America FFA Pin.