Our Generous 2017 Donors

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

2017-2018  Boys and Girls Basketball Programs:  Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal

Big G on the Hill Facelift: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962 and Eddie Ramos, GHS Staff

Campus Benches: Gene Chubb, Class of 1948; Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, Commerating Ryan Wilcox.

History of the Christmas Pageant Book: Two Donations from Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; 2 Donations by Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965; Class of 1948 Reunion Proceeds; Tom Bonnett, Class of 1976; Timothy West, Class of 1969; Curt Fauth, Retired GHS Math Teacher; Robin Luby, Retired GHS English Teacher; Pat Mercer Potter, Class of 1948; Charmain Jondall, Class of 1957; Sandia Tuttle, Class of 1960; Suzanne Geba, Retired Teacher; Shelby Miller, Retired GHS Staff; Barbara Smith McCluskey, Class of 1953; Shirley Salisbury Frey, Class of 1995; Carolyn Beckie, Class of 1957; Jim Pascarella, Class of 1969; Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired GHS Teacher

Display Cases for  New Museum Site: Class of 1975; Class of 1966; 2 Donations from Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Jean Landis, Class of 1936; Tim Young, Class of 1963, on behalf of the Estate of Frances E. Coughlin, Class of 1938; Patricia Potter, Class of 1948.

2 Albums for Football Programs: Bob Stockton, Class of 1955

Front Monument: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, for funding the construction of the monument and Gene Chubb for donating the concrete blocks

General Fund: Larry Vikander, Class of 1965; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Bill Woolman, Class of 1962; Tim Murphy, Retired School Counselor; Ted Sieckman, Class of 1953; Gordon Ginn, Class of 1958; Tammy Pearson, Class of 1991; Peter Burgert, Class of 1960

Mac Book Pro Laptop for the Museum: A Special Thank You to Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, for purchasing a new laptop for the Museum.  

Monthly GHS Staff Donors to the General FundA Special Thank You to Our Monthly GHS Staff Donors: Jim Early, Class of 1990; Don Ginn, Class of 1987; Brie Pagano Honeycutt, Class of 2001; Bob Papciak, Plant Manager; Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975.

2017 Track Program:  Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Connie Baer, Class of 1965, and Retied Teacher: 1972 Christmas Pageant Program

Art Ballantyne, Class of 1953: 3 Articles about Daniel G. Lewis, Hall of Honoree, including a 1955 Time magazine, 1958 San Diego Union, and a 2007 article about the San Diego Symphony.

Family of Walter Barnett, Class of 1928 and Retired Principal: 25 Yearbooks from 1916-1974: 15 Instrumental and Vocal Music Records including 2 we did not have” Vocal Department 1967 and 1971; 1981-1982 San Diego County Grand Jury plaque:Walter R. Barnett Foreman of the 1981-1982 Grand Jury Plaque with Gavel; Foreman Name Plate and Stand; Kiwanis International Member plaque; Certificate of Appreciation of His Address to the National City Kiwanis Club; ACSA Plaque in Recognition of 30 Years of Valued Service Grossmont Union High School District; Tuning fork;Walter Barnett Our Biggest Fan 1975 Basketball Plaque; California Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Honors Walter Barnett, May 5, 1976; Grossmont High School Master Key 1976; Class of 1976 Mr. Walter R. Barnett, Class of 1928, Presented by the Class of 1976 plaque; Decoupage of Retirement Article on Wooden Background; 8x10 Photograph of the 1970-1971 Boys Basketball Varsity Team; 1970 CIF Commemorative Small Football; 1971CIF Football Champions Grossmont High School, Walter Barnett, Principal; 1964-1965 Speech Most Enthusiastic Scholastic Sportsmanship Trophy Mr. Barnett; Misc. Newspaper Articles and Photographs of Walter’s Retirement, Mom Barnett, Cadet Corp Creation

John Baumgarten: 1959 Basketball Season Program

The Family of Ronnie Bowman, Class of 1954: 1954 Letterman Sweater, belonging to Ronnie.

Carolyn Watson Beckie, Class of 1957: 1955 Christmas Pageant Program; Red Robe Handmade Hand Made Birthday Card; 25th Anniversary Place Setting of a Red Robed Singer, Holding Music; 1955-1956 Uptown Exchange Program; Primoridal Productions Press Release and Directions to Performers for Film Amazons Filmed in Balboa Park      

Helen Keith Benzing, Class of 1960: Memorabilia belonging to Rugh Drew, Class of 1926: 2 copies of the 6th Annual Commencement Program from June 4, 1926; 2 copies of “Mrs Bumpstead-Leigh” play program from May 21, 1926; 1924 Hill Chatter; 4 El Recuerdos from 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926; the 8th Grade 1922 graduation program from Allison-Spring Valley School, and Helen’s 1957 Band Emblem with 3 Stars

JoAnn Alban Bischof, Class of 1959: 1958 Christmas Pageant Program; 1958 Pageant Ticket; Photographs of JoAnn as Mary in the Pageant

Cliff and Sandy Fulkerson Bond, Class of 1961:  1960 Christmas Pageant Yearbook Proofs of Scenes; Senior Bike Day Photos; Senior Girl Football Game Photos; Songleader Photos; Marching Band Parade Photo; School Life Photos; 1960 Harvest Ball Newspaper Article

Gordon Carlson, Class of 1965: 1963 Christmas Pageant Program; District Student Reading Lists; Class of 1965 Senior Awards Assembly Award Lists

Daughters of Rita Reno Clark, Class of 1951: 4 Year Royal Blue Band Sweater with 2 Band Letters, 4 Stars and Several Pins and 2 Stapled Packets of Song Lyrics

Frances E. Coughlin, Class of 1938, Estate, Donated by Tim Young, Class of 1963: 1938 Commencement Program and Invitation and 2 photos of Frances in her Cap and Gown; 3 of her report cards from 1935 to 1936; GAA Emblem; 38 GHS Emblem; Photograph taken in Utah May 1937, including Foothiller George Mukai (later sent to Internment Camp); Quill and Scroll (Journalism) Certificate; NFL (National Forensic League Certificates; newspaper articles, as well as the copies of Frances’s memorial service booklet; her WASP photograph and pages from the WASP book as well as San Diego State College Memorabilia, which was donated to the SDSU Special Collections

Bruce Davidson, Retired GHS Teacher: Memoirs of Ed Fletcher, Copy #1275 "To a Good Friend of the Fletchers Mrs. David Fraser, Signed Mary and Ed Fletcher; Hubert Guy's "Volume 2 Draft of Grossmont Is More than a Shopping Center; Joe Gizoni Newspaper Obituary

Esther Drew Long, Helix HS Class of 1954 (at GHS 9th grade): 3 Photographs of the 1941 Christmas Pageant of Her Dressed as the "Spirit of Christmas" in the Feast Scene

Gail N. Edwards, On Behalf of Her Mother, Lavola Sinram Edwards, GUHS 1929-1932: 1982 Christmas Pageant Program with notes; May 23, 1932 Foothill Echoes; 1983 Grossmont Alumni Association 7th Reunion Mini Yearbook; December 9, 1981 SD Union article on the Christmas Pageant; Article on the History of GUHS. 

Barbara York Elliott, Class of 1962: 2 Pom Pom Uniforms, one Gold Corduroy, one Royal Blue Corduroy along with a Blue Head Band, Blue Socks, Gold Cuffs an a 1961-1962 Gold Corduroy Cheer Uniform.

Tad Geiger, Class of 1959: "History of the Christmas Pageant" Book taken from Richard Dunlop's History; with Sarah Longman, Class of 1950 and a Reader in the 1949 Christmas Pageant, a Memory Book of the Pageant, including Photographs and King James Bible Excerpts, as well as Tad's Memories of the Pageant.

Maria Freeman and Maggie Barragan on Behalf of the Norman Freeman, Class of 1947, Family: The Freeman Family’s Collection of Newspaper Articles which Chronicle the Sad Death of Norman in the Korean War, including multiple copies of the Grossmont newspaper, The Foothill Echoes, as well as local newspaper articles. The Articles Chronicle the Origin of the Norman Freeman Trophy, the Highest Honor Given to a Senior at Graduation.

Patti and Jerry Gordinier, Retired Grossmont UHS District Staff: Ed Fletcher Family Newspaper Article; Copy of Grossmont Isn't Just a Shopping Center by Hubert Guy.

Virginia Gore, Class of 1928 Family: 5 Candid Photographs of GHS Life Taken outside the "Castle", 2 of Drama Students Posing in Costume outside the "Castle" ; 2 of Teachers, including Ethel Prosser, and Students; 1 of Unknown Student.

Don Ginn, Class of 1987, and GHS History Teacher: Grossmont So. Cal. Baseball Champs Letterman Jacket Patch (it is displayed in the Museum beside the trophy)

Marial Vorbeck Higdon, Class of 1956: 1956 Christmas Pageant Program; 1-31-1956 Foothill Echoes; Class of 1956 Blue Pullover Pom Pon Sweater; 2 Royal Blue Pom Pon Outfits and White Pom Pon Fur Hat

Mark Houston, Class of 1966: Shadow Box Tribute to David Hickman, Vietnam Casualty

Martin Kennedy, II, Retired GHS Teacher and Coach: 1962-1968 Grossmont Staff Football Jacket wore by the Six Coaches to Look like a Team Themselves

Family of Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940: Shadow Box Framed 1940 Letterman's Sweater, including Robert's 4 Athletic Letters and Photographs of Robert at GHS; Track 1939 Class A All American Banner; 1939 and 1940 El Recuerdos

Lakeside Historical Society: Two Vintage 1940's-1950's Wire Mannequins with Stands; Lifesize Female Mannequin

Jeri Lundy, Retired GHS Home Economics Teacher: Thanks to Jeri, Two Beautiful Quilts Hang at GHS: the 1993 GRC Humans for Harmony Quilt, Created by the First Human Relations Council Hangs in the Counseling Offices and the 2004 Photography Quilt, Created by Eileen Mandell's Photograhy Students, now Hangs in the Photography Classroom; Both Quilts Were Originally Pieced by Jeri.  Jeri Cleaned the Quilts, Prepared them for Hanging and Donated the Hardward  to Display These Wonderful Pieces of GHS History.

Steve Merchant, Class of 1957: 1956 Christmas Pageant Program and Desk Copy of Readers Script 

Charlotte Acorn McGowan, Class of 1948: 1945 and 1946 El Recuerdos; 1948 Diplomas belonging to Charlotte and James R. McGowan, Jr.

Michelle Miller, Class of 1988: Marching Band Music and Clef belonging to Jeffrey Miller, Class of 1982; Memorabilia belonging the Greg Miller, Class of 1985 including Swimming, Tennis Athletic Letters, Water Polo Trophy, Academic League Memorabilia, 1985 Graduation Programs, CIF Life Membership, 1981 CIF Ticket and Newspaper Clipping; Memorabilia belonging to Michelle Miller, Class of 1988, including Boys Water Polo, Girls Soccer, 1988 Circle G Pin and Principal's Letter; First Girls Soccer Team Jersey; 1985-1986 Girls Softball Hat and Batting Glove; 1988 CIF Ticket for Girls Soccer, 2 1988 Graduation Programs, 1986 Obra. Thank you, Michelle, for the Wonderful Commentary You Provided for These and Other Items not Listed Her That  You Donated

Class of 1956 Reunion Committee of GHS and ECVHS: Items for GHS Museum: 2 Pom Pon Corps Emblems, One with Tassle; 3 Candid Student Photos; 3 Band Photos; 2 Pom Pon Corp Photos; Jr. Prom Photo and Dance Card; 1956 Graduation Invitation and Program: Jr. Prom Photo and Dance Card; 9-13-1954 Foothill Echoes; 2006 Dr. Tim Miller Article; June 1921 Article on First GHS Graduation and Items for ECVHS Museum: June 8, 1956 Smoke Signa;, Pennant; Graduation Tassle; 1957 Grade 8 Lakeside School Photo; 1947 Bostonia Elementary Students and Teachers School Photo; 1943 El Cajon Grammar  School Photo

Family of Bev McSpadden, Retired GHS Finance Clerk: 19 Yearbooks; Team Photographs including Baseball, Soccer, Football; Framed Commissioner of Finance Collages, Personal Thank You Notes; 1996 Photo of the Pool; Spirit Pins and Badges, and more.

Jean Haslam Murrell, Class of 1942: Small Cheer Megaphone and Crocheted "Footsmeller" Foothiller

Jim and Sam Tiburzi Pascarella, Classes of 1969 and 1970: 1969 Disneyland's Grad Nite Program; 2 Pep Ribbons; 1969 Commencement program; 1968 Student Handbook; 1969 and 1970 Convention Delegate Ribbons; 1969 Candidate Ribbon; 1968 Nominating Convention Program and Candidate Cards; 1969 Nominating Convention Program and Candidate Cards, 1968 Christmas Pageant Ticket

Willa Deen Isbell Ramsay, Ed. D, Class of 1953:  Reach for the Stars!!, An Autobiography and Genealogical History by Willa Deen Isbell Ramsay, Ed.D with Several Chapters on Willa's Years at GHS

Vern Scharer, Class of 1959:  Grossmont Beanie and Pennant; 43 Foothill Echoes from 1955-1959; 29 Football Programs 1955-1959; 1955-1956 and 1956-1957 Parent Handbooks; 1959 Commencement Program; 1959 Senior Memories Book; Season 56 San Diego Padres Lane Field Program; The Disneyland News, July 1955, Vol 1, No. 1; 1959-1960 SDS College Catalogue and Announcement of Courses; El Cortez 2 May 30, 1959 4th Annual After Prom Card; 2 Class of 1959 39th Annual Baccalaureate Service Programs, June 14, 1959; 2 1955 Student Handbooks; 1959 Commencement Invitation; Class of 1958-1959 Senior Privilege Card; 1957 and 1958 Football Schedule Cards; 1956-1957 Varsity Basketball Schedule Card; Newspaper Articles on Programs and History of GHS, including the Model Home Construction Program and Fletcher-Gross Friendship; 1955 Christmas Pageant Program

Mary Willis Schoenfeld, Class of 1959: 1956, 1957, 1958 El Recuerdos; 2 football programs-November 14, 1958 Homecoming and September 26, 1958 5th Annual Metro Carnival; Class of 1959 50th Reunion Memorabilia including Memory Book and Class Photograph.

Tom Sims, Class of 1971 Monte Vista HS: 1951 El Recuerdo; 1950’s 78 record: “All Hail Dear Grossmont”: Grossmont Band and Girls Trio and A.S.B. Chorus and “Come Raise a Song”: Grossmont Band and Girls Trio

Anita Garrison Hensley, Great Niece of Eva "Nan" McCarty Quicksall: 1924 GHS Lapel Pin and 4 Service Lapel Pins Worn by Principal Carl Quicksall.

Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975: POW Bracelet She Wore for Lt. Larry Stevens, USN 14 Feb. 69 and her Future Farmers of America FFA Pin.

Ken Whitcomb, Class of 1949: 28 Grossmont Alumni Associaton Reunion Miini Yeatbooks from 1979-2009

Cheryl Wright, Class of 1977: 3 2008 CIF 4 Peat Championship Baseball T shirts; 2 Baseball Sweatshirts; 1 Soccer Sweatshiirt


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