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Gordy Shields, GHS Counselor

(from Valerie Shields, Class of ’66)

He was placed on life support after the open heart surgery late Fri. afternoon. His heart was healing, but somehow he ended up with problems in his liver (he never drank), and kidney, (was put on dialysis.) This was a shock to all; including the doctors. Never any prior signs. Before he had headed into surgery, he told the surgeon that he had "had a great life!" I only hope that wherever he is, there are bike paths (because, if not, he will get to work on that right away!) I do know my mom is there. Thank you all for your love and support. And thanks to the

incredible surgeons and nurses at Sharp Memorial. They worked to save him 24/7. My sister, brother, and I are all at peace, knowing Dad had not regrets, not do we. We hope to have a celebration of his life at the end of July.