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John L. “Larry” Hoefer, Physics and Chemistry Teacher 1966-1978

While his time at GHS was short, his impact was large as evident from two former student memories.  

Phil Kerig recalls, "Mr. Hoefer was my freshman Science teacher '69-70 and senior Physics teacher '72-73. The epitome of "tough but fair". Emphasis on the former.  I was class clown in every class but his!  His Physics lessons are with me still. We will miss him."  

Another alumnus Richard Hensel remembers, "I had him in '72-73 as 1/2 of a freshman chem/ physics intro course and also in '74-'75 physics class. Remember TTY punch tape computers?? Anyone remember the cream pie episode? He took it so well. We were very lucky with all the quality teachers at Grossmont High at the time. Thank you, John, for your dedication to your students. I cannot forget his white shirt, tie and pocket protector.”