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Don Graessle, GHS Mathematics Teacher 1962-1991

We received the sad news from Don’s wife Janet that he passed on February 19, 2022.  Randall Skelton, Class of 1966, shared these memories with us:

“I had 2 classes with him, Algebra 1 and Advanced Senior Math. He was also my friend ever since graduating. I taught him how to ride a MC in summer of ’66 and we rode together many times.  I can vouch that he was a wonderful gentleman. He is survived by his wife, Janet, and multiple children and grandchildren.” 

Retired Teacher Jim Hatcher recalls, “I considered Don to be a top notch math teacher and a good friend.  Just a real solid guy.”

Don Hubler

Vocal Music Director from 1962-1972

dave hubler

Foothillers Remember Mr. Hubler

“Mr. Hubler instilled in me a life-long love of choral music. He taught us appreciation for a wide variety of music styles and always expected the best of us in our performances.” Twila Niemi Godley

“He was a warm and understanding man and great director.” Derrell Fisher

“Mr. Hubler held his students to the highest standards and inspired us to be far better than we imagined. It was a great privilege to be a member of the Red Robe Choir.” Marla Anderson Hicks

“That enthusiasm he had for the love of singing was transferred to many of his students at GHS.”  Barbara Gill Smith

“Don Hubler was a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend. His high standards as the director of the Red Robe Choir at Grossmont High School stayed with us our entire lives. As Directors of the GHS Museum, we have had many alumni comment on the impact Don made on their lives.  When Grossmont celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2010, we were able talk with Don and share our gratitude for all he has meant to us.”  Connie and Lynn Baer

“Don Hubler was a master choral director. Being in Red Robe Choir under his direction was the highlight of my GHS experience. He taught us singing techniques that I still use. Since I am a soprano, he insisted that we should "never reach up for those high notes; always reach down." When I'm singing in my church choir now, I always think of that so I won't strain or screech for those high A's or B flats. I thank him for nurturing my love for excellent quality choral music.  Janine Burch


Gordy Shields, GHS Counselor

(from Valerie Shields, Class of ’66)

He was placed on life support after the open heart surgery late Fri. afternoon. His heart was healing, but somehow he ended up with problems in his liver (he never drank), and kidney, (was put on dialysis.) This was a shock to all; including the doctors. Never any prior signs. Before he had headed into surgery, he told the surgeon that he had "had a great life!" I only hope that wherever he is, there are bike paths (because, if not, he will get to work on that right away!) I do know my mom is there. Thank you all for your love and support. And thanks to the

incredible surgeons and nurses at Sharp Memorial. They worked to save him 24/7. My sister, brother, and I are all at peace, knowing Dad had not regrets, not do we. We hope to have a celebration of his life at the end of July.



Jeri Lundy, GHS 1977 to 2007

We received this sad news from retired GHS Principal Bill Ashman: "Jeri Lundy passed away on Nov 29.  Her husband called me.  No Services.  She had a nice Thanksgiving with family at her house.  Her heart just stopped the following Tuesday."

Jeri came to GHS from El Capitan in 1977, where she started teaching in 1972, and taught Home Economics at both schools that first year; 30 years later, she retired in 2007.  Over the years, she taught many different classes in Home Economics, then Life/Survival Skills, then helped to develop the Child Development Program in the district and at GHS.

After her retirement, Jeri donated two quilts to the museum that she assembled for student projects: one hangs in the counseling hallway and was created in 1993 as a testament to the first Human Relations/Peer Mediators Club. The squares were created by the Human Relations Council, guided by Dawn Miller and Leanne Quirk.

The second quilt was on display on a quilt rack in the museum and is a collection of blocks created in 2004 by photography students, guided by Photography teacher Eileen Mandell.  The two quilts, which will continue to remind GHS of Jeri.

Jerry Sanders: Biology Teacher 1960-1968

Jerry taught English, Math, and Social Studies at El Capitan in 1959-60 in its opening year. Then John Warburton and Walter Barnett hired him in 1960 to teach Biology at Grossmont High School. Jerry  left Grossmont in 1968 to teach at SDSU from 1968 to 1975. [from his daughter Cheryl Hinton, GHS Alumnus Class of 1971 : "a funny aside- they had to bring him in as an Associate Professor so that they could meet the salary he had at GHS!"   During those years, Jerry authored major college textbooks with Scott Foresman Publishers and mentored future biology teachers. 

He also taught Biology and Environmental Science at Grossmont College from 1976 to 1991 as an adjunct  teacher while he continued working on textbooks and  taught one semester in 1971 for San Diego City College Minority Education Biology.