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January 2023 - First Semester Good News

Looking back on the past few months, Foothillers have much to celebrate, symbolized by “Dancing through the Decades 1950s-2000s”, an ASB sponsored dance at UCSD Price Center on December 3rd, with an enthusiastic crowd enjoying every minute.  During the first semester, the students and staff of GHS have welcomed the return to a sense of normalcy.


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December 2022 - Performing Arts Department

The GHS Performing Arts Department has a celebrated history with its roots in 1920-1921 with the first drama performance, the first instrumental music group, and the first dance group.  Quickly, the programs blossomed, winning county, state, and national recognition and enriching the lives of Foothillers and their community and becoming the cultural hub of East County. 

Today, GHS has its amazing 2020 Performing Arts Center which fosters these programs.  Such a facility was only a dream for the school’s first 99 years.


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November 2022 - The Castle's 100th Anniversary

ghs castle

One hundred years ago, Grossmont High School’s granite façade “Castle” was completed.  Among the oldest high schools in San Diego County, amazingly, Grossmont is the only school to have preserved its original school, which was used by its students until 2006, when it became entirely the GUHSD office.

In 1920 Colonel Ed Fletcher gave most of the land for the school for a $10 fee, along with several lots donated by James and Mary Murray.  The architect of the building was T. C. Kistner; the contractor was N.H. Beer.

During its two-year construction, GUHS students attended school at the now closed Riverview HS campus in Lakeside. In September 25, 1922, students first attended classes at Grossmont in the “Castle”.  However, the building wasn’t completed until January 13, 1923. 

The original Minutes of the Board of Trustees of Grossmont Union High School: August 14, 1920-Dec. 5, 1928, reveal fascinating details of the cost of the building’s construction:

July 21, 1921:

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October 2022 - GHS Foundation's Impact

In 2008, a dynamic group of parents, staff, alumni, and community members committed themselves to improving Grossmont High School through the GHS Educational Foundation, a nonprofit 501-(c)3 entity.

The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the overall educational experience of the students by raising funds to support the needs of the school.  The Foundation encourages parents, students, and alumni to “Take your memories…Leave your footprints.”  Appropriately, footprints are the Foundation logo.   Fourteen years later, the impact of the foundation is found throughout the campus.

Teacher Mini-grants

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September 2022 - Back To School!

Grossmont High students and staff are excited to begin a more normal school year, hoping for the return of traditions and camaraderie challenged during the past two years.

Freshman Orientation

For 102 years, GHS has welcomed freshman to its campus.  Over the years, concerned staff have designed different ways to assist in the transition to high school and ways to build student spirit.  During the 1950-1970s, a unique freshman tradition was to white wash the G on Cowles Mt.   Last year’s drive-through freshman orientation was certainly the most unique. 

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