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Jan 2024 - 2024 Varsity Baseball Celebration and Shon Boney Clubhouse Dedication

Saturday, December 16th, the GHS Baseball program held their annual alumni game day, a yearly celebration commemorating Grossmont’s historic program, which dates to 1921.  Since 1990, this remarkable program has won 13 CIF Championships and since 1987 has had 7 players in Major League Baseball.  This year’s day-long events included alumni games, a home run derby, lunch, and the dedication of its varsity clubhouse to a distinguished alumnus.

Coach and science teacher David Youngblood reflected on the day: “While we had hoped more alumni would be available to play each other in the first game, we were glad those there took the challenge and gave our JV team a run for their money. The game had enough tension to be exciting for all of us.

We tried a new approach with the home run derby and learned that we need to give each player a few more outs to swing it.  We expected the pitching machine to give everyone a fair shot at consistent pitching. We will explore other options with the alumni for next year.

The day would not have been nearly as successful, nor wonderful, if it had not been for the hard work of our parent volunteers and coaches to get the snack shack and field stocked, decorated, and groomed.  A big thank you to the Bigley family for making the pulled pork BBQ lunch possible, also to Alexis McCance, Stephanie Hoyt, ChloeAnne Dilgard, Nikki Jacques, Krystyn Gomez, Alexis Caul, Eva Struck, Lori Holmes, Michelle Barden, and their teams for working our check-in tables and snack shack, and finally to Kevin Busy for running the scoreboard.

And thanks to Coach Neil our DJ,  Coach Lindsay for coordinating the alumni players, Coach Mike Simpson for getting the field in the best shape it’s been in for many years, Coach Andre Simpson for helping all the pitchers and winning the home run derby, and Coach Guerra for leading the varsity players to another victory.”

An integral part of the day was the dedication of the Varsity Baseball Clubhouse to an alumnus Shon Boney, Class of 1986.  Over a year ago, alumni, coaches, and community members first voiced the desire to dedicate the Varsity Baseball Clubhouse to Shon Boney, Class of 1986.  Led by retired English teacher and former Foothiller baseball coach Bill Gray, the desire was quickly echoed by all who had known Shon.

Bill lovingly led the months of planning that led up to the day, gathering letters of recommendation from baseball alumni, coaches, Shon’s classmates, and community members.  Then, after Principal Dan Barnes gained the approval of the GUHSD Governing Board, Bill led the designing of the bronze plaque that will hang inside the clubhouse while the school designed the exterior sign.

In their letters, Shon’s teammates echoed the unanimous accolades.  Former professional baseball player Lance Dickson, Class of 1987, shared, “Shon was our team captain and epitomized what it was to be a Foothiller baseball player. We all followed Shon’s lead and he led us to a championship.”

His wife Heather Ryan-Boney, Class of 1987, shared that Shon’s kindness and compassion for others throughout his life had always been unprecedented.  Shon was a successful businessman and philanthropist who volunteered his time later in life to fly veterans and cancer patients for medical treatments all over the country.”

Former teammate Jim Bee, shared that “Shon led by strength, integrity, and kindness.  Perhaps, his true kindness was what set him apart.  In naming the clubhouse after him, you establish a true role model, a role model for young scholar athletes to emulate as an athlete, student, husband, father, and friend.”

Classmate and former professional soccer player Paul Wright, Class of 1987, reflected, “Shon embodies all the qualities of a great role model for young scholar athletes at Grossmont High School.”

Five past baseball coaches were in attendance: Bill Gray, Jeff Meredith, Jim Early, Rob Phillips, and Jordan Abruzzo. These coaches echoed Shon’s teammates endorsements.

Jim Earley stated,  “I have a unique perspective on this honor.  Having been freshmen when Shon was a senior, we all looked up to him for his athletic ability, school spirit, and academic achievements.”

Jeff Meredith believes that “Shon will fit in well with the Joe Gizoni Field and the Patsy Earley Snack Bar, named for beloved volunteers.”

At the dedication, Principal Dan Barnes, began his remarks, “I would like to thank Coach Nick Guerra and his staff for letting us be involved during our traditional alumni game day.

Thank you to Mike Simpson for putting in countless hours to create a high-quality playing surface for our team to play on this year….Also thanks to alumni and foundation donations and to our district for upgrades of the backstop and fence lines. There is more work to be done, but this is a great start.” 

Dan introduced Bill Gray as “a long-time English teacher, department chair, and baseball coach here at GHS,  Bill was Grossmont League Coach of the Year in 1976, '79, and '81, coached two #1 draft picks at GHS, modernized the varsity field with  donations for sprinklers and grass, and obtained the  first scoreboard in Grossmont League in 1983.”

In his comments, Bill shared that “Shon is remembered as much or more for his intrinsic qualities: his work ethic, character, dignity, and courtesy…. And if the players who enter that clubhouse door gain/acquire/obtain just one of Shon Boney's intrinsic qualities, we will be developing good men and damn good Foothillers!”

Bill was followed by teammates who knew and loved Shon, including neurosurgeon Dr. Jim Bee, Jason Sloss, Channel 5 News anchor, and Don Angotti, former professional baseball player and now educator.  The ceremony concluded with Shon’s dad Stan Boney expressing his family’s appreciation of this loving honor for his son.

As current baseball coach David Youngblood echoed, “The dedication of the clubhouse to the memory of Shon Boney was more than we could expect. Thank you to all who participated and who shared the history of the great man and player Shon was.”

Senior pitcher and third baseman Cody White reflects, “Every year the alumni game is special, having reconnections with past teammates, coaches and meeting the past of Grossmont. This year we dedicated our club house to Grossmont legend Shawn Boney. Super special moment to be a part of and super fun games against my friends and old players.” 

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