Our Generous 2022 Donors

Financial Donations

General Fund: Class of 1971; George Matosian; Bob Papciak, Retired Staff: Milton Alexander and Karen Moss; Class of 1971; David Dolloff, Class of 1977

Class of 1965 Stadium Bench:  Phil Pratt; Tange Tipton and Tom Gavin; Janet Rippinger

Memorabilia Donations

Ed Basilio, Retired Vocal Music Director: Choir Trips to Europe Memorabilia including 2016 Sapienza Universita Di Roma Gold Medallion Given by the Dean of the University of Rome; Benedictive XVI Pontifex Maxim VS 1506-2006 Gold and Silver Medallion Given by the Vicar of Rome at Vatican City; Mare De Deu De La Merce, 2002 ?Patrona De Barcelona Silver Medallion Given by the Bishop of Barcelona; 1996 Framed Silver and Gold Madonna and Child Given by Chaplain in Centro Pilipino, Rome; Snake Bite Kit.

Don and Judy Harvey Harvie, Class of 1971:  Don Hubler Memorabilia including 2003 Choir Reunion Poster Board;  3 CDs of Selected and Favorite Songs, Girls Ensemble 1965-1972; Red Robe Choir, 1964-1972; Men’s Ensemble, Combined Ensemble and Red Robe Choir 1965-1972 Taken from Reel to Reel Recordings; Memory Stick of Those Recordings; Vocal Music Records, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973; 1969, 1970, 1971 El Recuerdos with Student Signatures;  1970 Photos and Article of Students Rehearsing in Choir Room; 8x10 Photos of Maxine and Don, 1969 Choir and the 1971 Combined Men and Girls Ensemble; 1969 Christmas Pageant Program

Nan Heard, Class of 1971: 1975 Graduation Tassle belonging to Will Heard

Pat McCain Howes, Class of 1952: Gene Wright, Class of 1949,  Vietnam Wall Rubbing and Biography

Donna Walker Inversin, Class of 1966: Taken from Her Previously Donated Scrapbook: Sixteen 1962-1964 Football Programs, Pep Ribbon, 1964 Fall and Spring Obras; 1963 Mother Goose Parade Program; 1964 Driver Training Road Test Sheet

Debbie Lerud, PTSA Historian: 1996-97 PTSA Records

Cindy Ruth Williams, Class of 1977: 1967 Copyright 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting Textbook and 1967 Copyright How to Use Adding And Calculating Machines Textbook.

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