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Our Generous 2024 Donors

2024 Financial Donors

2024 New Museum: Jim Stieringer, Class of 1959; Sue Gillespie Larson, Class of 1965; Mardi Penny Musick, Class of 1966

2024 New Small Showcases: Dave McVie, Class of 1962; Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965; The Shaieb Family: Betty Jo Shaieb, Class of 1952, Mark Shaieb Class of 1980, Dora and Dona Shaieb, Class of 1982; The Zumwalt Family: Barbara Zumwalt, Class of 1975; Jim Zumwalt, Class of 1974; Fran Zumwalt, Class of 1972 and Sue Sharpe, Class of 1954

Framing of Historic Student Body Photos: Barry Dingle, Class of 1968; Evelyn Lasswell, Retired English Teacher; Tom Karnowski, Class of 1970

2024 Memorabilia Donors

Kent Abbott, Class of 2018: Letterman’s Jacket with 2015 Valley, 2016 and 2018 Hills League Tennis Champions Patches and 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Tennis CIF Championship Patches, as well as Devils Pups Patch.

Family of Betty Eileen Anderson, Class of 1942, Son Scott Tillwell: 1941 Photograph of GHS taken from Fuerte Dr. by Her Parents; WWII Photo of Jack Durham, Class of 1943, Jack Durham’s Memoir of His Experiences in WWII, and Jack’s 1943 El Recuerdo Photograph

Anonymous Donor:  December 2, 1989 Silver Starlight Ball, Winter Formal Bid and Invitation; June 9, 1989, 2 January 26, 1990, June 21, 1990 Foothill Echoes; 1988-89 Foothillers Student Folder; 3 Commemorative Glasses for Winter Formal 1992 December 8, 1990 and 1 Commemorative Vase for Silver Starlight Ball December 2, 1989; 1988-1989 Girls League T-shirt and 1992 Grad Nite T-shirt Caribbean Cruise

Anonymous Donor: 1956 Baccalaureate Service; 1955 Commencement Program; 2 1956 Commencement Programs; Class of 1951 20 Year Reunion Mini-Yearbook; 1956 GUHS and ECVHS Mini Yearbook  

Dave Campbell, Class of 1955: Primordial Videos Cast Lists and Candid Photos

Quentin Decker, Retired GHS Teacher: Antique Royal Typewriter

English Teacher Bogue LeAnne Ginn: 5 Shadow Boxes Celebrating Literary Magazine Obra’s San Diego County  Fair Awards: 2002 Best of Show and First Place;  2004 Best in Class and Best of Show

Family of Leon Farnsworth, Class of 1928, Donated by His Daughter Lois Farnsworth Rattray: Leon’s 1928 Commencement Invitation and Program and 1928 Good Citizenship Certificate; 1928 Diploma;  Sister Florence Farnsworth, Class of 1930 Commencement Program; 1920s Football Cheers and Song Sheet; 1928 Dinner Dance Sponsored by The Grossmont Alumni Association; 3 GUHS Report Cards, January 21, 1927, November 11, 1927, March 23, 1928;  Leon’s Civics Composition Book September 17-28; 26 Senior Name Cards; Leon’s Senior Photo; Wesley McKarrs Senior Photo; Marie Louise Farnsworth Senior Photo, Class of 1939, and Commencement Invitation; December 18, 1927 SD Union Article on “Grossmont 11 Wins Southern California (Football) Championship; 1928 Baseball Hat; 1928 Grossmont Banner; 3 Student Body Photographs: November 5, 1924, January 10, 1927, September 19, 1927

Richard Fisher, Class of 1955, Donated by His Cousin Darrell Fisher, Class of 1965: 1953, 1954, and 1955 El Recuerdos; Mortar Board Graduation Hat

Sue Sensebach Fisher, Class of 1965: “Boot Helix” Spirit Pin; 1965 Graduation Tassle

Don Ginn, Class of 1987: 1966 ECVHS Football Banquet Program; 2 1987 and 3 1991 Graduation Programs; June 11, 1987 Senior Award Certificate; November 1985 Staff “Underground” Memorandum; 1972-73 GUHSD Personnel Directory; 1981, 1982, 1983 GUHSD Adult Season Pass for Helen M. Trachta and 2 Children; August 25, 1969 Newsweek Magazine from 1969-1972 Green Beret Sergeant John Trask

Paul Hedberg, Retired Teacher:  1 GHS Baseball Cap, 1 CIF Championship visor, the 2017 CIF Championship Emblem, the 2015 Grossmont Valley Championships Emblem, and the 2018 Tennis Programs

Bill Hoffman, Class of 1964: CD of 1964 Yearbook and Misc. Photo

Mardi Penny Musick, Class of 1966: 1965 Basketball Schedule Card and 1964 Football Schedule Card and Two Pep Ribbons; 1964 and 1965 Christmas Pageant Programs; 1965 and 1966 Nominating Convention Programs with 1965 Convention Newsletter; Foothill Echoes Newspaper March 22, 1965 ASB Convention Newspaper with Ronald Reagan as the Keynote Speaker; November 6, 1964 Football Program vs El Capitan; and 1965-66 Student Handbook

Brittany Neill, Class of 2005: Letterman’s Jacket with Soccer Emblems, including 2003 Grossmont North League Champions, Two CIF-S.D.S. 2003 Champion Patches

The Family of Jackie Sanders, GHS 1945-1947: 1946 and 1947 El Recuerdos; Two Photographs, One of 3 Football Players, One of a Student, Both with Personalized Comments

Jim Stieringer, Class of 1959: Bill Anders Obituary