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October 2021 - 101st Anniversary Celebration Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s finally time to party. We hope you can join us as we celebrate our school’sremarkable 101 years of history.Make plans withyour fellow Foothillers and join us aswe celebrate that heritage! Spend time on campus reminiscing and “rememberingwhen”.

The cornerstone of the celebration is the recognition of our 2020 Hall of Honoron Saturday, October 16th:

4 GHS Educators

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We continue to settle into our new location, thanks to our wonderful volunteers, our “Worker Bees”, who have helped us move. Recently, we moved all the trophies, which are now displayed above the large showcases, as well as many things we’ve had in storage for years. We continue to arrange the displays and even ordered 3 more small showcases. Most of the items we had stored are being integrated into the previous displays. This month we’ll have the last of the shelving installed, and we’ll move the display yearbooks. Then, the old museum will be empty. We began the move in early August; 5 months later we are almost moved in.