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December 2021 - Tribute Benches

Since 2010, Foothillers have generously purchased royal blue campus benches which honor classes, individual teachers, administrators, staff, Foothiller values, and Foothiller families.  The past two years 23 new benches were donated to Grossmont as alumni reflected on the influence Grossmont had on their lives.   The donors of the benches vary from an individual, a family, a graduating class, or a group of alumni.   Amazingly, 25 GHS alumni made donations to fund one bench.

This recent flurry of benches began with the passing of Ed Hollingsworth, a beloved drama teacher.  His former students wanted a way to honor him near the new theater; his bench began a cascade of fundraising for other performing arts teacher benches.  Today, benches honoring the first three vocal music directors, legendary Merle Donahue, Don Hubler, and Bob Boucher, whose legacy spans 1929-1986 surround the vocal music classroom.  A bench honoring legendary instrumental music director Jim Nichols, 1959-1988,  faces the football field while a bench honoring director Harold Lutz, 1939-1955, is at the entrance to the band room.

The Class of 1958 itself donated three benches honoring English teacher George Gross, teacher, principal, and superintendent Tom Warburton, and most recently, their counselor Eva McCarthy Quicksall.  More than 60 years later, the class recalls all three with affection and appreciation for the life foundation they received from them. 

As Larry Durbin shared with his classmates while fundraising for the Quicksall bench, “Because of the warm, caring response from the Gross and Warburton families, we thought a bench to remember Mrs. Quicksall also would really be meaningful not only for us, but also for Mrs. Quicksall's family.”  He was right.   Her niece Anita Hensey responded that she was thrilled with the bench and would love any stories the class might be able to offer and would share them with other relatives.  The benches connect multiple generations in amazing ways.

In 2021, 8 benches were installed at one time in various locations on campus as listed below.  Currently we are awaiting the arrival of the four more benches.

The benches are tangible reminders of the past as well as inspiration to current Foothillers.  The students love the benches; it’s rare to see an unoccupied bench.

Principal Dan Barnes believes, “We are very fortunate to have the Foothiller alumni support that we do along with our GHS Educational Foundation's willingness to give.  These benches have helped beautify our campus and remind us of the support of our former Foothillers.”

40 Campus Benches

Theater Plaza: Performing Arts Teachers Merle Donahue, Don Hubler, Bob Boucher, Ed Hollingsworth, Jim Nichols, and the McWay Family

Upper Quad: Beloved staff George Gross, Tom Warburton, Eva McCarthy Quicksall, Marion Bench, Curt Fauth, Joe Gizoni, John Cornelius, Merle Smith and Family, the Class of 1968, the Hawkesworth Family, and the Tree of Knowledge

Office: Student Ryan Wilcox, Alumnus Gene Chubb, the Class of 1921, Class of 1975, the Class of 1966 Honors Our Veterans, 2 Foothiller Value Benches, and the Bibb Family

ASB Room: ASB Advisor Gloria Jones

Home Entrance to Stadium: Class of 1961, Class of 1965

Humanities Building: Principal Bill Ashman

Museum Area: 2 Baer Family Benches, Class of 1965 50th Anniversary, Alumni Bill and Meg Woolman

Band Room: Teacher Harold  Lutz

Lower Quad: Class of 1949, Class of 1956, Class of 2006, Class of 1966, Classes of 1971 and 1972, Class of 1964, and Teacher Ray Reed

If you would like information about becoming a bench donor, please email us at on how to add another footprint to the many others on campus that celebrate our legacy.

The GHS Museum will be open 10-1 on Wednesday, December 1st, and on Saturday, December 11th. You may visit Wednesday, December 8th, by appointment only.  For more information, visit our website at or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 619-668-6140.  Masks are required indoors on campus when students are present and always indoors for the unvaccinated.