Our Generous 2015 Donors

Sponsorship Donors:  Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

1937 Old Gym Christmas Pageant Bronze Plaque; Carol Cunningham, Class of 1944; Joseph Famme, Class of 1955, Gary Payne, Class of 1981; Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal; Ed Stalder in Memory of Barbara Williams Stalder, Class of 1953 

2015-2016 GHS Basketball Programs: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired GHS Teacher

2 Benches Adjacent to the New Student Event Center and Art Buildings: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired GHS Teacher in memory of Bill Davis.

Class of 1975 Bench: Karen Stonecyper-Cote; Ellen Ochoa, Tracy Wilkinson, Paul Alberty, Laura Truesdale Talman, Mikki Nooney

GHS History of the Instrumental Music Book: Darlene Sanderson Ross, Class of 1967; Thomas West, Class of 1969; Robin Luby, Retired GHS Teacher; Patricia Potter, Class of 1948, in memory of Dale Potter, Class of 1947.

General Fund:

Class of 1921 Bench: Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965; Connie, Class of 1965, and Lynn Baer, Class of 1969, Nancy Becika Jeansonne, Gwen Orsi Martin; Phil Pratt, Class of 1965; Dani Barton, Retired GHS Teacher; Joyce Goldberg Novak, Class of 1965;  Richard Hyland, Class of 1965: and members of the Class of 1965.

Transfer of 50 GHS Band and Choir Records to CD'sBill Woolman, Class of 1962

95th Anniversary Celebration Hall of Honor Plaques: Generous donation from an Anonymous Donor to fund the 16 plaques (2 for each recipient)

95th Anniversary CelebrationFinancial donations made Ken Wilson, Class of 1972; John Steiger, Class of 1945; Sharon Alban Reed, Class of 1955;  Pat Potter, Class of 1948, on behalf of Pat and her husband Dale Potter, Class of 1947 and two generous donations made by Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Jim Hatcher, Retired GHS Teacher; Martin Kennedy, Retired GHS Teacher, Jim Stieringer, Class of 1959; William Black, Class of 1950; Ann Peterson Baker

Big G on the Hill: Thank you to Gene Chubb, Class of 1948 and RCP, for donating the concrete blocks to create a "granite" frame for the G and to Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, for donating the paint and painting supplies and labor for the painting of the G and the trenching and installation of the blocks.

Carl Quicksall Plaque: 2013 donors Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Cathy Hanson, Retired GHS Teacher; Judy Heggie, Class of 1962; Bob Geiberger, Class of 1946;  Jim Spackman, Class of 1958; Erma Keiber Birnie, Class of 1943; Richard Hyland, Class of 1965

Class of 1989 Sign: Thanks to Gene Chubb, Class of 1948, of RCP, for donating the concrete block and labor to renovate the pillars of the Class of 1989 sign. Also, thanks to a generous donation to the GHS Educational Foundation from the Gerald Fackler Charitable Remainder Trust, the face of the sign will be renovated as well.

1937 Auditorium-Gymnasium Historic Sign and New Display Case: Thank you to the Class of 1964 for funding this art deco look back, a reminder of the historic nature of the Old Gym, which was built by WPA funds from 1935-1937.   The reminding proceeds from their reunion will purchase a display case for the entrance to the new Student Support Services Building, scheduled to be completed in 2016.

2015 GHS Alumni Website: Fully Funded by Bill Woolman, Class of 1962 

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Mike Allen, Class of 1964: 1963-64 Student Regulations Handbook

Kathy Johnson Austin, Class of 1968: 1968 Class Ring

Dick Beach, Retired GUHSD Teacher: 1957 Student Report "The Community We Live In:Santee" written by Mrs. Emilie M. Cameron (?)

Jerry Botts, Class of 1970: GHS Band Blanket and GHS Band Towel; 2 Pairs of PE Shorts; GHS Blue and Gold Band Sweatshirt

Virginia Boyle: February 11, 1943 Student Body Photo

Luther Burney, Class of 1964, and Craig Burney, Class of 1967: a beautifully framed arrangement of the rubbings of the names of 8 Grossmont students who died in the Vietnam War.

Wilma Cadice, GHS Parent from the Past: 1935, 1936, 1940 El Recuerdos

Gonzalo Cota, Class of 1947: Framed 1946 All-Metropolitan League Breitbard Athetic Foundation Certificate-First TEam Gonzalo Cota;  4 Action Photographs of Gonzalo playing Football and Basketball taken from the El Recuerdo

Bruce Davidson, Retired GHS Teacher : 75th Anniversary Celebration 1996 Newspaper Articles; 1986 GHS Staff Photo Given to Bill Davis upon His Retirement

Gail Edwards: From her mother's collection-two early photos of GHS, 1930 and 1932, taken of students in front of the "Castle"

Williams Emmons, Class of 1940, donated by Charlene Craig: 9 small and 13 large mechanical arts/drafting drawings belonging to him and other students;

Nan Heard, Class of 1971:13 Foothill Echoes from 1967-1971; 2 1970 Football Programs; Wizard of Oz Program; 1970 Newspaper Articles on Football CIF Game; 16 Pep Ribbons; 1967 and 1969 Pageant Programs.

Patty Harris Henos, Class of 1969: An amazing collection of the 15 newspaper articles about the Grossmont High School Band’s 1968 trip to the Orange Bowl including the United Airlines wings,  silverware,  book of matches, and the flag corp pins as well as the “Juniors Have Pa-zazz” pin; 1969 Commencement Program; newspaper articles about the Mother Goose Parade and the Band Jamboree. 

Norman Hewitt, Class of 1965: 1961 GHS Student Handbook

Bill Hoffman, Class of 1964: 1962 Band Jamboree and Christmas Pageant tickets; 1961-1962 and 1962-63 ASB Cards; 1963 Key Club Membership Card; September 1962 Foothill Echoes; 1964 Class Ring and Senior Key, and Disciplinary Letters; CD of other memorabilia including the 1961 Rose Parade memorabilia; Article on 1922 Camp Grossmont

JoAnne Stokes Hoy, Class of 1965: 2 ASB Cards-1963-64, 1964-65; 1965 Sr. Privilege Card; 1963-64 Hi-Fiettes Card

Ken Johnson, Class of 1975: 1940's Royal Typewriter

Marbee Kemp, Class of 1982: 1982 Graduation and Baccalaureate Programs; 1981 Christmas Pageant Programs; 5 Pep Ribbons; 6 1981-82 Foothill Echoes; Office Memos to Parents and Students including Bus and Bell Schedules; 19878-79 and 1981-82 Student Handbooks.

Becky Koskinen, Class of 1969: An amazing collection of memorabilia including the 1968 and 1969 Commencement Programs; 1966 and 1967 Pageant Programs and tickets; the 1966 and 1967 Band Jamboree Programs; 3 ASB Cards from 1966-1969; Class of 1969 Secretary Notes from 1965-1969. These are priceless pictures of Foothillers in the late 1960’s: 1968-69 Benchwarmers Decal and Card; Spirit Ribbons; Caperette Hand Corp Pin and 1966 and 1968 Caperette Banquet Programs; 1969 HiFiette Mother Daughter Banquet Program; and 1967 Football Newpaper Articles, and more.

Jean Landis, Class of 1936: DVD-She Wore Silver Wings, the Story of the WASPs in WWII

James Llamas, Instrumental Music Directior: Donation of the historic instrumental music archives to the Musuem;  Paul Miller, GHS Alumni Director, is organizing and inventorying them for us as he begins to work on a book of the history of the GHS instrumental music program.

Charles Long, Class of 1966: 1966 El Recuerdo

Marilee McManigal, Class of 194, donated by her daughter Laura Brean, Class of 1975: FFA Harvest Queen November 1946 Trophy and Photo;  her scrapbook which contains the 1947 Commencement Program, the 1947 Penhandler, the 1946-1947 ASB Card,  Dance Cards, the Come Rain or Shine Playbill, dated November 20, 1946.  All of these items are priceless pictures of Foothillers in the late 1960’s

Donilee Matthews: Framed painting of the railroad tracks and the bridges above them, painted by Donnie Brower, Donilee's mother; the painting is dedicated to the Class of 1955.

Nancy Mercer, Class of 1954: 30 Grossmont Alumni Association Annual Reunion Books

Darlene Sanderson Ross, Class of 1967: 8 Foothill Echoes, 1963-1967; 5 Pep Ribbons; 1965-66 Student Handbook;  1963 and 1964 Band Jamboree Programs; 1967 Honor Band Program; 1967 Concert Program; 24th Annual Band Review Ribbon; 1964 and 1967 Band and Orchestra Banquet Programs; 1967 Symphonic Band Performance for Western Division of the Music Educators National Conference Program; Band Blanket.

Sharon Alban Reed, Class of 1955: Duchesses Emblem and Dance Cards: Les Chandelles Photo;  Agriculture Photo and Article; Dance Cards; Songleader Photos and Commencement Invitation and more.

Carl Schimer, Class of 1950: 1948 and 1949 El Recuerdos; 1950 Graduation and Our Town Programs; 1951-2001 Reunion Information Book; 1948-1950 Band Photo; 1950 65th Reunion Photographs from September 5, 2015

Dona Shaieb, Class of 1982:1982 Donkey Basketball Memorabilia including 2 game tickets and 2 posters;

JoAnne Stokes, Class of 1965: 4 Hi-Fiettes Membership Cards: 1961-1965; 1963-1965 ASB Cards; 1964-5 Senior Privilege Card. 

Kim Tarke, Class of 1993: 47 Foothill Echoes from 1989-1993

Rick Uddenberg, Class of 1964: 1961, 1962, 1963 El Recuerdos

Barbara Montgomer VandenBerg, Class of 1968: 1967 and 1968 Graduation Programs; 1966 Band Jamboree Program and 3 Tickets; Fall 1964 Obra; 1966 Christmas Pageant Program; 1965, 1967, 1968 Caperette Banquet Programs; 1966 Orange Bowl Newspaper Articles and La Mesa Proclamation; 1966 Chaffey Directions;  40th Reunion Book

Yvonne Baer Vellone, Class of 1975: 1975 Commencement and 2 Baccalaureate Programs, 1975 Prom Invitation, 1973 Official Manual for Future Farmers of America, FFA Blue Cordoroy Jacket, 2015 Commencement Program

Ken Wilson, Class of 1972: GHS decal

Victoria Winsor; 1977,1978, 1979, 1980 El Recuerdos

Ken Whitcomb, Class of 1949: LM Junior High and Grossmont High School Sports MemorabiliaCollection from 1937-1969 including track ribbons, basketball and football programs, Class B letter with star, LMMS letters, newsplaper articles, photographs, and newspaper articles.

Carol Sparhawk Williams, Class of 1958: 1955-56 Corduroy JV Songleader Uniform; 1956-57 Velvet Varsity Songleader Uniform.

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