Our Generous 2014 Donors

Sponsorship Donors:  Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

The Walter Barnett Family who funded the balance of the Walter Barnett Bronze Plaque and  Jarel, Louise, Mark, David, and Jon Culver, who made a donation in memory of Uncle Walt.

The Class of 1921 Bench:  Connie Baer, Class of 1965; Lynn Baer, Class of 1969: Nancy Becika Jeansonne, Class of 1965; Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965

Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired GHS English Teacher: 2013-14 Boys and Girls Basketball Programs and Boys and Girls 2014 Track Program; 2014-15 Boys and Girls Basketball Programs.

Barry Dingle, Class of 1968: Restoration of the 1950's-1960's All Western Band Review Trophy Plaques and Perpetual Plaque

James Gotses, Class of 1962: Museum General Fund

Ken Lehr Auto Shop Bronze Plaque: Retired GHS Staff: Carol Ambrosia, Bill and Cathy Hansen, Robin Luby, Chris Morrissey: GHS Alumni Group Donation from Rockin Customs and Jason Lehr, JW Wallace, Cathy Wright

GHS Discus Field Phase 2 Campaign: Claire Renaud Brockett, Class of 1965

GHS Discus Field Marlin Baer Plaque: fully funded by Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Robin Luby, Retired GHS Teacher: Museum General Fund

Jim Spackman, Class of 1958: a matching grant donation to the Museum's General Fund with Prudential Insurance

Bob Stockton, Class of 1955: three generous donations to the Museum's General Fund, one to purchase the 1920's Classroom Clock and to help fund the clocks' commemorative bronze plaque.

Bill Woolman, Class of 1962: Sponsorship of the GHS Alumni Website for the 2014 year and for sponsoring the Historic 1920-1930's Ivy TLC (Tender Loving Care); the Historic Displays in the GUHSD District Office; the 1978-79 Spirit Flag; Transplanting the 1960's Roses to the planters adjacent the Museum

Lyle and Carole Wright, Class of 1953: Museum General Fund


We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal: Norrie West, Class of 1934, Memorabilia including his  book 100 Years of Golf in San Diego County, pages from the 1934 El Recuerdo; newspaper clippings about Norrie West.

Dick Baker, Class of 1947: 1947 Grossmont Champs Basketball Cap with Photo Pin, 1947 HI Y Photo and Student Names, and the  1962 Gillespie Pool newspaper clipping.

Ed Basilio, GHS Vocal Music Director: Photographs and Articles of the Red Robe Choir's Europe Trips

Ged Bulat, Class of 1964: 5 DVDs of Class of 1964's 50th Reunion including 2 Volume "Our World" Montage"; Memorabila Vols. 1, 2, and 3; 1963 Varsity Football Team Photo

Russ Clemens, Santana HS Class of 1972, 1945 GHS Student Body Photo

Jane and Robert Collins, GHS Band Chaperone and Parent (Roger, Larry, Cindy) for 12 Years-1964-1974: 2 Band Chaperone Pins

Gonzalo Cota, Class of 1947: Michael Jackson Commemorative Watch

Charlene Craig, Daughter of William A. Emmons, Class of 1940B: 1937 3-Year Music Emblem; 1940 Commencement Program; 1939-1940 Current Events Newspaper Scrapbook; Dec. 8, 1941 Newspaper Article;  Painting of Golfer Draft for Sports Section of El Recuerdo; November 18-19, 1938 Grossmont Art Gallery Catalogue of Greater Grossmont Carnival Painting Parodies; 1939-1940 School Year Accomplishments List

Bill Gray
, retired GHS Teacher: Blue Baseball Cap worn by 1973-1988 BaseballTeams

Eleanor Cass Deninger, Class of 1940: Student and Faculty Obituaries and Newspaper Articles; 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941 El Recuerdos (found in the office file cabinets )

Jerry Halterman, Class of 1959: 1954-1959 El Recuerdos and other incredible GHS memorabilia, including his 1959 Letterman's jacket for Basketball and Track, DVD and 16 mm of 1959 GHS vs. Chula Vista Basketball Game, his 7-8th grade Converse shoes; 1957-8 ASB card, 1958-1959 Track and Field and Basketball Brietbard All Metropolitan League Certificates; numerous newspaper articles, black and white photos of GHS student life 1956-1959,  and a Foothiller Gus plaque made in metal shop.

Jerry Hansen, Class of 1951: Junior U.S. History Research Paper given to GUHSD Superintendent, Ralf Swenson

Pat Howes, Class of 195?:  Obituary on Col. Gary Gene Wright, Class of 1949, Missing in Action in Vietnam

Kathy Kennedy, Mt. Miguel HS: 1997 Commemorative Ornament, Celebrating the GHS's 75th Anniversary 

Keana Lovelace, Class of 2014: 6 Foothill Echoes from January 1944-April 1944 and 3 The Golden Echoes Newspaper of the Cajon Valley Union School District from February-May 1940 all belonging to Patricia Archard, Class of 1944

Donna Martin Miller, Class of 1970: Senior Ring

Paul Miller, Class of 1966, on behalf of his father, Joseph Miller, Class of 1940: Future Farmers of America Memorabiilia including 1938-1940 Membership Cards, Newport Harbor Score Cards, GUHS Score Cards, FFA Banquet Programs; GUHS 1939-1940 ASB Cards, 1940 Graduation Invitation; PTA Meeting Program Arranged by the Girls PE Department; Newspaper Articles; 1939 Track Ribbons

The Family of Chris Stephens, Class of 1992: Mother Goose Parade Articles and 1950 Program

Bob Stockton, Class of 1955: 1953, !953, !954 Football Programs

Bob Sunbury: 1932 El Recuerdo, belonging to his uncle Sidney Surbury, Class of 1932.

Jim Stokes, Class of 1964: 1964 GHS Track Team DVD

Todd Tobias, Class of 1991: Bombs Away! Air Coryell and the San Diego Chargers, written by Todd Tobias

Donald Winans, Class of 1945: Henry W. Longellow Poems, c. 1916, donated by his wife Barbara Winans

Lyle Wright, Class of 1953: 2014 Tile Dedication photographs



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