Our 2018 Donors

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

Band Book Balance: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Christmas Pageant Book: Steve Sensebach, Class of 1950, in Honor of His Brother Robert Sensenbach, Class of 1958; Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant Cast;

Carol Cunningham, Class of 1944; James Pascarella, Class of 1969; Bobbie Plough, Class of 1972; Mary Swarner Kucala, Class of 1957

Front Monument: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, and Gene Chubb, Class of 1948 

General Fund: Class of 1949 Reunion Proceeds; Janet Glaze, Class of 1954; Martin Kennedy, Retired Teacher; Steve Kitchen, Class of 1967; Juan Delacruz, Class of 1982; Patricia Potter, Class of 1948; Robert Sloan, Class of 1950; Marilyn Summers Wojdak, Class of 1957 and Retired Staff; Carole Sample, Class of 1955; Bonnie Moore Ford, Class of 1947; Marilyn Summers Wojdak, Class of 1957 and Retired Staff; Carole E. Sample, Class of 1955; Mary McCreary, Class of 1958; Ted Sieckman, Class of 1953; Melanie Steckbauer Hagerty, Class of 1988; Peggy van den Akken, Retired Teacher; Robin Luby, Retired Teacher; Christine H. Koezeman, Class of 1968; Bill Woolman, Class of 1962; Tim Young, Class of 1963; Shelby Miller, Retired Staff; Cheryl Kitt Bryan, Class of 1966

New Museum Site: JoAnne Husson, GHS Retired Teacher; Martin Kennedy, GHS Retired Teacher; Evelyn Lasswell, GHS Retired Teacher; Bud Close, Class of 1946 and Retired Teacher; Jean Landis, Class of 1936; Class of 1963 40th Reunion Committee; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955,

Patricia Potter, Class of 1948; Gerald W. Fackler Trust.

Pageant Book: Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant Cast; James Pascarella, Class of 1969; Bobbie Plough, Class of 1972; Mary Swarner Kucala, Class of 1957; Angelica K. Teixeira, Class of 1976

2018 Boys Tennis Program: Martin Kennedy, Retired Teacher and Coach

2018 Girls Tennis Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

2018-2019 Girls Basketball Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

2019 Boys and Girls Track Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Family of William Bledsoe, Class of 1940, and Audrey Bledsoe, Class of 1945: William's Track Letterman's Sweater with A Track Letter; B Track Letter; FFA Letter; Foothiller Gold Pennant with Sun over Hill above Foothillers; 2 8x10 Aerial Black and White Photographs of Grossmont, one 1945, one 1950; from Audrey her GAA Letter

Bud Close, Class of 1946 and Retired GHS Teacher: Photographs Taken on Campus during Bud's 4 Years as a Student

Family of John Cornelius, Class of 1928: Gold G with One Star Letter

Bruce Davidson, Retired GHS Administrator and Government Teacher: Bruce's Amazing Collection of Presidential Pins from William Jennings Bryan in 1894 to Barack Obama in 2012, including a 1924 Cooleridge Thimble and a 1928 Hoover Pencil with Eraser and a Click with Dick Pin; WWII War Ration Holder with Food and Mileage Coupons with Two Popular WWII Buttons: "Kick 'em in the Axis" and "Exterminate These 3 Rats"

Family of Ruthie Schmidt Embellton, Class of 1949: Scottie Embelton's Letterman's A Letteman's Sweater for Basketball with Ruthie's 1949 Cheer Megaphone Letter and her Senior 1949 Sweater Letter with Gus and G and a Copy of a September 1948 Photograph of the 3 Cheerleaders: Rudy Jones, Ruthie Schmidt, and Bev Long

Mike Hart, Class of 1970:  The San Diego County Sports Officials Hall of Fame Inductee Biography 

Family of Beth Edwards Hampton, Class of 1944:  April 1, 1941 “Futile Echoes”, a Parody of the Student Newspaper, a 44 Letter with G and a GSC (Grossmont Speech Club) Torch Pin with a G and on a Chain, as well as Her Brother’s (Dick Edwards, Class of1941)1944 El Recuerdo yearbook.  

David Hayhurst, Class of 1964: 4 Choir Pins, 1962, 1963, 1964, and President

Family of Frances Kavalaukas, Class of 1967: 1967 Gold Honor Grad Cords and Tassle; 1967 Class Ring; 1967 Framed Graduation Photo of Frances in Her Cap and Gown

Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940, Family: Grossmont HS Scrapbook 1936-1940;  Pages from His Autobiography relating to GHS; Photographs of Robert and other Football Players in Their Uniforms on the Upper Quad and Rose Parade Photos, Graduation Photos; Hall of Honor Plaque; 1940 GUHS Diiploma; 1940 Letter from Jack Mashin 

Jean Landis, Class of 1936: 318th W4 Silver Wings; 2009 WASP Congressional Gold Medal and 2 Pages of Congressional Record: WASP 1942-1944: From Jean's Leather Jacket the Mascot of the AAF Women Pilot Trainees Designed by Walt Disney in the Fall of 1942: Copy of the 1934 Christmas Pageant Program: December 4, 1944 Life Magazine: January 19, 1943 Life Magazine (page 80 photo of Jean); Books: We Were WASPS by Winifred Wood c. 1945: Superwoman: Jacquelin Cochran book c 1999 by Billie Pittman Ayers and Beth Dees: Seized by the Sun-Gertrude Thompkins c 2017 by James W. Ure: Women Aloft c 1981 by Valerie Moolman : She Wore Silver Wings DVD (Emmy Award): The Ninety-Nines Inc. Memorabilia: Other WASP Memorabilia including Photos from 2015 Hall of Honor Induction; 8 WASP Museum and Military Women Calendars with Historic Photos:Photos from 2015 Hall of Honor Induction including Jean's Hall of Honor Plague;  1937, 1938, 1940 Del Sudoeste SDSU Yearbooks: 5 Copies of 2015-2017 WASP Newsletters

Donna Swennes, Daughter of Don Lindes, Class of 1932: 1931 Gold Medal Southern League Track Meet Discus Pin; 1932 Silver Medal Southern League Track Meet Discus Pin

Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant: 3 Photos of Esther at the Age of 5 as the Spirit of Christmas in the Feast Scene

Cathy Marvier: 45 record The Monday Morning Quarterback with the Grossmont High School Pep Band recorded in 1972

Marie Nelson, Class of 1966: Marie's Senior Picture and 3 Slides of her 1966 Graduation; 2 Copies of the 1983 Commencement Ceremony

Bob Offord, Class of 1968: 2 Koozies (Can Holders) Designed for Their 50th Reunion

Steve Stangel, GHS Parent: Grossmont High School Instrumental Highlights 1978-1979 Two Record Set Directed by Jim Nichols

Ron Reid, Class of 1970: Tennis Memorbilia including CIF SD 1968 Tennis Champs Patch;  3 Year G for Tennis with 4 Pins-3 Grossmont District League Tennis Finals, 1968 1st Singles, 1969 2 nd Singles, 1970 1 st Singles; and your 1968 SD Section Calif. Interscholastic Fed Pin for 1 st Place and  2 newspaper articles, two on the 1968 tennis team being CIF Champions and a copy of the photograph of the loving memorial at Woodie Clarke’s grave celebrating the team's historic championship.

Mike Smith, Class of 1983: 9 Foothill Echoes newspapers from 1984-1986

Joy Fanning Stovall, Class of 1975: 2016 US Astronaut Hall of Fame Program Honoring Ellen Ochoa on her Induction

Angelica K. Teixeira, Class of 1976: 1975 Madonna Photo and 2 1975 Newspaper Christmas Pageant Articles

Thomas West, Class of 1969: 12 "Brownie" Photos of the (1965-1968) Mother Goose Parade Featuring the GHS Blue and Gold Regiment

Ken Wilson, Class of 1972: GHS Class of 1972 Presidents Gavel with 4 Presidents Names Engraved on It; 40th Reunion Photo of the 4 Presidents in 2012; 1970 Nominating Convention Program and Delegate Ribbon; GHS Diploma Case; 1968 Student Handbook; 1970 Christmas Pageant Program; Student Parking Permit; 1972 10th Year Reunion Ticket

Dee Duncan, the Niece of Elizabeth Woodhead, Class of 1949 and Agnes Woodhead, Class of 1946: April 12, 1944 Framed GUHS Student Body Photography and January 28, 1943 Photograph of Lemon Grove Elementary and Its Student Body


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