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Bill Davis Plaque

1922 clockCarol Lockwood, Retired GHS Teacher
Shelby Miller, Retired GHS Staff
Bob King, Retired Helix Principal
Evelyn Lasswell, Retired GHS teacher
Jim Spackman,  Class of 1958
Dani Barton, Retired GHS Teacher
Robin Luby, Retired GHS Teacher
Judi Patterson, Retired GHS Teacher
Kathy Gligo, Bill’s neighbor
Bob Stockton, Class of 1955

1922 Clock Restoration, Classroom Clock, Bronze Plaque

Bob Stockton, Class of 1955

1920 Tile Floor Medallion

1920 floorDonated by Jim Belilove and Ginger Cheney Belilove, Class of 1965

1985 Watercolor of Grossmont High School

Painted by Edwin H. Wordell, Donated by his Family
Framing Made Possible by Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

2 Free-Standing Display Cases

Class of 1964 and Class of 1965

7 Benches

Class of 1964-Lower Quad
Class of 1965 2 Benches: 50th Anniversary-Math Building and Honoring the Class of 1921-Office
Bill and Meg Woolman-Math Building
Honoring the Class of 1921-Office
Class of 1966 Bench Honoring Our Veterans-Office
2 GHS Values Benches: Bill Davis Family-Office
Grossmont High School- Excellence since 1920
A Grossmont Tradition-Achievement, Honor, Service

1937 Old Gym Bronze Plaques

Christmas Pageant Plaque

pageant plaqueCarol Cunningham, Class of 1944
Joseph Famme, Class of 1955
Gary Payne, Class of 1981
Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal
Julia Stewart, Class of 1973
Shelby Miller, Retired GHS Secretary
Bill Woolman, Class of 1962
Ed Staldler, Class of 1953, in memory of Barbara Williams

Carl Quicksall Plaque

quicksall plaqueCathy Hansen, Retired GHS Teacher
Bob Stockton, Class of 1955
Bob Geiberger, Class of 1946
Jim Spackman, Class of 1958
Cathy Hansen, Retired GHS Teacher
Erma Keiber Birnie, Class of 1943
Judy Heggie, Class of 1962

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