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Daughter Lesa Carroll Remembers Pat Carroll

Long before Pat retired, he had a dream of moving to Texas with his best friend and love of his life, Deannie, whom he met when he was 14. That dream was realized when upon retirement Pat and Deannie moved to Fritch, Texas, and built a beautiful home on Lake Meredith.

It was important to Pat to give back to his and Deannie’s new community, so he took advantage of several different volunteer service opportunities. He provided handyman services for a nearby retirement community, served as president of their homeowners’ association, was an election judge for their county, and his favorite opportunity was as a weather spotter for the local TV station.

Pat was always a kid at heart and never tired of playing sports. Whether it was throwing, punting, or catching a football, shooting hoops, hitting a baseball, or sending a golf ball straight down a fairway, Pat was always up for a game. The difference retirement made was he could do these things far more often, not just evenings and weekends. Until just a few months prior to his death, he could often be found in the backyard with his great grandkids helping them perfect their golf swing, improve their pitching mechanics, or hone the art of kicking a field goal. He loved coaching kids and helping them learn some of life’s lessons through the games he loved.

Pat loved living in Texas, and his family was his greatest legacy, but above all he held his faith in God and Jesus foremost. His dedication to the Catholic Church remained constant throughout his life up to, and including, his last day on earth.