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Class of 1949

Benjamin W. Cloud Birth Date:    Date of Passing:  8/3/2021
Robert Bobby Castellanos Birth Date:    Date of Passing:  2020
John Dall Birth Date:  7/27/1929 Date of Passing:  5/25/2012
Darrell Downs Birth Date:  1/29/1932 Date of Passing:  10/2/2013
Richard S. Dunop Ed.D Birth Date:  5/19/1931 Date of Passing:  10/17/2011
Leo Johnson Birth Date:  1/19/1928 Date of Passing:  1/15/2010
Leo passed away Jan 15th.2010- he was 82 just 10 days short of 83.. He had lung cancer, the lower left lobe was removed .. That surgery went well but he got pneumonia, and died from Respiratory failure... He is survived by his wife of 53 years Jackie, his son, Bruce, and daughters Marlene and Lisa ..and his son Steve and Tommy by his first wife. 10 Grand children, 3 Great Grand children... His Brother Cliff and sister Ferne. He is at Ft. Rosecrans Nat. ctry. He is so missed by all,and "Forever in our Hearts"
Tom McManus        
George Glen Prietto Birth Date:  01/26/1931 Date of Passing:  4/27/2023
Dorthy Uehling     Date of Passing:  6/18/2012
Ann Vinson     Date of Passing:  7/17/2013
Ken Whitcomb Birth Date:  1/17/1931 Date of Passing:  05-25-2023
Roy Wieghorst Birth Date:    Date of Passing:  2021