August 2020 Memorable Teacher Plaques

  • Jack Mashin

    Jack Mashin

  • Coach Marlin Baer

    Coach Marlin Baer

  • Ken Lehr

    Ken Lehr

  • Gloria Jones

    Gloria Jones

  • Audrey Seidel Myers

    Audrey Seidel Myers

Grossmont High School’s nearly 100 years are reflected throughout its campus. While the campus has been dramatically modernized over the past 10 years, reminders of its past include bronze plaques which celebrate remarkable teachers, whose impact on its nearly 38,000 alumni is incalculable. Again, our thanks to the alumni, retirees, and community members whose donations have made these plaques possible.

Jack Mashin 

While Jack Mashin was a legendary coach, it was his philosophy of education and of life that endeared him to all who knew him, and led to the GHS Stadium being named for him and to his becoming a member of the GHS Hall of Honor. In the 1925 El Recuerdo, Coach Mashin revealed his lifelong philosophy of coaching: “The greatest honors that athletes can bestow upon their institution are not in victories alone but in how modest they were in victory and how honorably and valiantly they fought in defeat.” During his years at Grossmont, his athletes won 7 league football championships, 34 league and tournament basketball championships, 3 league baseball championships, and 86 track and field event titles. Nicknamed "The Fox of the Foothills" because of his coaching success and innovative game plans, Coach Mashin was inducted in the California Coaches Hall of Fame in 1966.

Jack Mashin

Beloved GHS Coach and P.E. Teacher 

from 1923-1960

Marlin Baer 

 Near the Jack Mashin Stadium on the adjacent discus field is a plaque dedicating the relocated discus ring and future discus field to a beloved coach and teacher, who was hired by Jack Mashin to replace him as track coach. From 1957-1968, for 12 seasons, Marlin Baer was the head track coach with a win loss record of 250 to 43, including 5 Class A (Varsity) championships, 9 Class B (JV) crowns, and 11 straight C titles, with a string of 66 straight C league wins. Until his retirement and after, he continued to coach track, coaching and teaching a total of 40 years.

2014 Discus Field

Dedicated to Coach Marlin Baer,

Teacher (GHS 1956-1983),

Mentor, Friend, and Father.

Ken Lehr

For 36 years, Ken Lehr taught “Auto Shop”, which became a refuge for students longing for a vocational approach to the high school experience. Fittingly, the new automotive technology facility is dedicated to him.

2014 Automotive Technology Facility

Dedicated to Ken Lehr, “Dr. Motor”

GHS Program Innovator and

Automotive Technology Teacher: 1978-2004

A Pioneer in Industrial Technology Education

Favorite Quote

“What is the four stroke cycle?”

Gloria Jones

At the front of the classroom in the ASB room is a plaque honoring a remarkable teacher, who is also a member of the 2020 Hall of Honor.Upon hearing of her death in 2019, nearly twenty years after her retirement, hundreds of former students shared an outpouring of memories of their beloved teacher, a testament to her continuing impact on her students and a testament of a life well lived.

Gloria L. Jones

ASB Advisor 1967-2000

A Gifted Educator and Legendary ASB Advisor

Strong, compassionate, empathetic, and well-liked,

she instilled in her students the importance of leadership 

and participating in the democratic process. 

Her commitment to Foothiller pride and excellence lives 

today through countless alumni and current students.

Audrey Seidel Myers

The 2020 Event Center will have a Black Box Theater, which will honor a former drama teacher who challenged her students to transform themselves, and in the process, create productions, both inspiring and insightful.

GHS Black Box

Dedicated to Audrey Seidel Myers

GHS Drama Teacher 1965-1980

An innovative English/Drama teacher 

who was loved by her students.

Her passion for theater 

made Drama a popular elective.

Under her leadership, 

the Little Theatre “came to life”.

What do these 5 teachers have in common? A love for teaching and coaching and a commitment to supporting, guiding, and encouraging their students and their athletes to become the best people they could be.

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