August 2019: Foothillers Making a Difference

  • Gene Chubb with 1922 School Building in Background, photo courtesy of Pam Martin

    Gene Chubb with 1922 School Building in Background, photo courtesy of Pam Martin

  • Jerry Lewis Scholarship Travis McCrae 2019

    Jerry Lewis Scholarship Travis McCrae 2019

  • Foundation Scholarships Bailey Wilcox, Zack Zolina, Gabi Egan, James Bond, Kana Okura

    Foundation Scholarships Bailey Wilcox, Zack Zolina, Gabi Egan, James Bond, Kana Okura

  • Gloria Jones Scholarship  Jeremy Hersch, Rachel Gallegos, Kennedy Dirkes, Don Ginn

    Gloria Jones Scholarship Jeremy Hersch, Rachel Gallegos, Kennedy Dirkes, Don Ginn

  • Ryan Wilcox Scholarship Bailey Wilcox, Amy Wilcox,  Jaymee Gonnello

    Ryan Wilcox Scholarship Bailey Wilcox, Amy Wilcox, Jaymee Gonnello

This month, we’d like to acknowledge those who make a difference at Grossmont High School. GHS is definitely a campus “where the old meets the new”, enriching current Foothillers in countless ways.

Alumnus Gene Chubb, Class of 1948 and frequent donor to Grossmont High School, epitomizes this impact, as he poses with block from his company RCP, which is being used in the construction of the new 2020 Event Center.In the photo, Gene is seen with the 1922 original granite “Castle” in the background.For nearly four decades, Gene has generously donated materials, labor, and money to Grossmont, creating concrete landmarks of Foothiller pride throughout the campus. (see October 2018 Footsteps)

Thank You to Jim Spackman, Class of 1959

In January 2019, the Grossmont High School Educational Foundation received a $100,000 donation to its Endowment Fund from GHS Hall of Honoree Jim Spackman, Class of 1958.

With his donation, Jim shared, “In the spring of 1956, GHS admitted a 16-year-old Korean War orphan, who was almost illiterate. In two and a half years, Grossmont educated him sufficiently to graduate in June 1958 (as Valedictorian and ASB President) and go on to college (Harvard).

A countless number of people helped me along the way. Dr. John T. Warburton, Principal; Mr. Walter R. Barnett, Vice Principal; Mrs. Eva Quicksall, Counselor; Dr. George C. Gross, Senior English teacher; Mr. John A. Burdick, ASB Adviser; Mr. Ed Kintzele, Tennis Coach; and Mrs. "Mom" Sherman, and even the students were kind and helpful to me. That is why I am deeply grateful and indebted to Grossmont."

With his donation, Jim increased the size of our Endowment Fund from $107,000 to $207,000, thus doubling the amount of yearly interest we will receive to support Foothiller students and staff. Thank you, Jim!

At this year’s senior award night, several students benefitted from the generosity of Jim and other alumni, retirees, and community members through scholarships.

GHS Educational Foundation

Because of generous Grossmont alumni such as Gene and Jim, retirees, teachers, and community members who have contributed to the GHS Endowment Fund since its inception in 2012, this school year the GHS Educational Foundation awarded five $1000 scholarships, thousands of dollars in teacher mini-grants, and has given yearlong financial support of programs and students on campus.

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

Athletic Challenge: Zachary Zolina and Gabi Egan

Alumni: Bailey Wilcox and James Bond

Community Service: Kana Okura

The Grossmont community thanks outgoing GHS Educational Foundation President Tony Lawrence for the hundreds of hours of service he has given to the Foothiller community for the past 5 years. However, Tony is not really retiring as he will continue to volunteer as “the voice of the Foothillers” at the home football games.

Ryan Wilcox Memorial Scholarships

This is the third year of the Ryan Wilcox Memorial Scholarships, funds which are managed by the Grossmont High School Educational Foundation.

Yearly, two $1000 scholarships are given to students who have overcome their own personal obstacles - financially, emotionally, or physically - yet have still kept a positive outlook while facing these challenges. The students must also have a love for Grossmont High School community and have the Foothiller spirit that Ryan so treasured.

Ryan’s parents, Mike and Amy Wilcox, share, “We are so proud and honored that Ryan's memory and sweet spirit live on at Grossmont through these very special scholarships. Ryan loved his Grossmont family, and his positive attitude, perseverance, kindness, and compassion for others exemplified the true meaning of why "It's Great to Be Young and a Foothiller.”

The two 2019 "Ryan Strong" Memorial $1000 Scholarship recipients are Tiam Babadiyaghoubi & Jaymee Gonnello.

Two New Faculty Scholarships

First Annual Jerry Lewis Scholarship

This year the Art Department awarded the first $1000 Jerry L. Lewis Scholarship to a graduating senior. Jerry taught art at Grossmont High School for 30 years, from 1962-1992, 28 of which he served as the Art Department chairperson, retiring in 1992; he also coached the Foothiller baseball and golf teams. Jerry created this scholarship to promote the arts and to reward a senior who best exemplifies a commitment to continuing a path in the arts beyond his high school education. Thank you, Jerry, for endowing this yearly scholarship. This year’s recipient is Travis McCrae.

First Annual Gloria Jones Memorial Scholarships

Thanks to donations by alumni, retirees, and current staff at Grossmont and throughout the GUHS District, two students received $800 scholarships in memory of longtime history teacher and ASB Advisor Gloria Jones. The scholarships were awarded to the Foothillers who best represent Gloria’s unique leadership qualities. Strong, determined, and compassionate, Miss Jones had the ability to get the best from her students, in both student government and the classroom. Her impact on Foothiller traditions and values are reflected today throughout the campus.

The two inaugural scholarships in her memory were awarded to Rachel Gallegos and Kennedy Dirkes. To contribute to future Gloria Jones Memorial Scholarships, please write a check payable to GHS ASB-Gloria Jones Scholarship, and mail to Jeremy Hersch, P.O. Box 1043, La Mesa, CA 91944.

Principal Dan Barnes believes, “Grossmont High School resides in an amazing community that truly supports our students and staff. The Grossmont High School Educational Foundation and the GHS Museum and Alumni have done an outstanding job linking our alumni, our retired staff, our history of excellence, fundraising, and support of events back to our school and, most importantly, back to our students. Tony Lawrence and the board truly care about kids and making sure they know that Grossmont High School cares about their success. I look forward to our next steps with our new board president Amy Conrad, who has the same passion Tony does as a parent and who will be a great leader from our business and school community to take on this new role.“

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