February 2018: Soccer

  • 2016-17 Boys Varsity Soccer League Champions
  • 2016-17 Varsity Girls Soccer

Soccer, a sport which is an international sensation, arrived at Grossmont High School in 1970. Since then, Boys and Girls Soccer Teams have provided Foothillers with opportunities to create amazing memories for themselves and the school.

Boys Soccer

In 1970-1971, coached by GHS legend Joe Gizoni, the first year of Foothiller Boys Soccer was an informal “club” team. As there were no soccer fields at Grossmont, the team played on Saturdays at Ocean Beach Field.

From 1971-1985, for 15 years, the team was coached by Rich Bullock. During those years, the teams were league champions in 1973, 1978 and 1986.  Steve Danna, Class of 1973, shares that “1973 was the first year of Grossmont League Soccer and our Fighting Foothillers were the first champions. After two years of club play, we made a statement by winning the inaugural league championship, allowing only nine goals and reaching the quarter finals of the CIF Championship.”

In 1983, Jonathan Crockett and Michael Attanasio were members of the All Grossmont League Soccer Team, and Michael was the League Player of the Year.

Class of 1987 alumnus Paul Wright was the leading scorer in the league both his junior and senior years. Paul set a Grossmont HS single season scoring record with 39 goals. In 1987, Paul, Dain De Forest, and Chris Yale were All- Grossmont League Soccer Team selections with Paul chosen as Player of the Year. After graduation, Paul played professionally, from 1987-2013, in the Indoor Soccer League, playing several years on San Diego teams-the Nomads, Fusion, and Soccers.

Since 2012, the teams have been coached by Hans van de Vrugt, winning league championships in 2008, 2011, and 2017.

Girls Soccer

The first year of Girls Soccer at GHS was the 1984-1985 season. Amazingly, that year the team won league, becoming the first Grossmont League Girls Champions with a record of 13-2-1.  Coached by Ray Widener from 1984-1993 and assisted by John Liberatore, the girls teams won the Grossmont League Championship 5 times in those 9 years.

Today, Ray Widener recalls, “I have very fond memories of coaching the ladies’ soccer teams. I was fortunate to always have very talented athletes, who were top students as well. I’m sure they are successful adults.  The memorable things are the individual students I coached. They were all great kids. I thoroughly enjoyed them. The key thing for me was seeing how the athletes came together as a team, rather than thinking about themselves as individuals. They put the team first.”

Class of 1988 Foothiller Michelle Miller remembers, “I was a member of the 1985, 1986 and 1988 teams! Good times... The 1984-1985 season was the first season for “official” girls soccer (the previous year was “club”). Title IX in action!! We’ve come me a long way.... Go Foothillers!”

Over the years, many girls have been recognized as outstanding players in the league and CIF.  In 1987-1988, Andrea Radmilovich was the League Player of the year, and in 1987, she was the All CIF 3A Soccer League Player of the Year. In 1990-91, Ashley Wilkes was Grossmont League and CIF 2A Athlete of the Year; in 1992, Sherice Bartling was Grossmont League 3A Athlete of the Year and 1992-1993 she was All CIF Division II player of the year.

The next 8 years, from 1999-2007, the teams were coached by Jay Sevier, whose teams won 3 League Championships and CIF in 2000 and 2003.

For 10 years, from 2007 to 2017, John Neil was the coach, winning the league in 2011; this season the girls are coached by first year coach Fernando Ramos.  The girls team is hopeful for a strong league finish with a 9-4-2 beginning to their season.

Through athletic teams such as Boys and Girls Soccer, Foothillers develop their character as well as their school pride.

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