• Apollo 8 Earthrise
  • Anders' Earthrise Signed

The year 1968 was a torturous year for the United States: the Vietnam War was raging and dividing the country, the Civil Rights Movement was exploding, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated two months apart. The year had been so tumultuous that Time magazine pre-selected “The Dissenter” as their Man of the Year.  And then came the daring flight of Apollo 8.

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  • 2018-19 G Crew
  • 2018-19 GHS Staff Photo

In June of 1921, Grossmont’s first graduating class of 37 seniors became Foothiller alumni.  In 2018, the 97thgraduating class numbered 503.  Today, a total of 36,611 alumni call themselves Foothillers.  Tuesday, August 13th, was the first day of school for 575 excited and anxious freshmen, who are members of the class of 2022, Grossmont’s 101stgraduating class. August 8th, incoming freshmen were welcomed to Grossmont for Freshman Orientation by trained G Crew members.  Throughout the year, ninth graders are guided by the G Crew as they adjust to the personal and academic challenges of a high school campus with a student population of 2160.

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