July 2018 Graduation

  • 2018 Daisy Chain
  • 2018 Graduation

For 97 years, Grossmont High School’s students and staff have taken great pride in the traditions surrounding graduation. Thursday, June 7th, 503 seniors became part of an amazing group, more than 36,600 Foothiller graduates.

Since 1936, the graduating seniors have been led into the ceremony by the Daisy Chain, an 82-year tradition.The teaching staff selects 50 young men and young women on the basis of their school activities, scholarship, and citizenship.Each year the students create two ivy chains with daisies interwoven into them, which these outstanding juniors carry; being selected is the highest honor awarded juniors. This year, as in earlier years, the students were excited to use the ivy growing on campus, some of which was originally planted by Kate Sessions in 1926.

Each year at graduation, outstanding seniors are recognized for their achievements.Four students were recognized for their academic excellence: 2Valedictorians, Emily Barnes with a GPA of 4.829 and Irene Van Oosbree with a GPA of 4.766, and 2 Salutatorians, Madison Troyan with a 4.732 GPA and Natalie Harmer with a 4.738.

In her valedictorian address to the class, looking ahead to the future, Emily said, “The unknown seems like a daunting foe….In reality, the unknown is not such an insurmountable feat, but it brings excitement and opportunity to grow and learn.I encourage us all to embrace the unknown and face it with a positive outlook because I very strongly believe that this class can and will go out into the unknown and overcome any challenge we may face.”

Irene told her classmates, “These last four years have allowed Grossmont to become much more than a school to me. Grossmont is where I have met some of my favorite people in the world, people I will miss years after this graduation….Just because high school ends today, that doesn't mean you should ever stop learning.”

Yearly, 3 perpetual graduation trophies are awarded to seniors. Since 1927, for 91 years, 2 identical silver loving cup trophies have acknowledged one outstanding young woman and one outstanding young man.Each trophy has the names of the 90 previous recipients. Joining them this year are Nicole Havin and Nicholas Ghosn.

The most prestigious service award given at graduation is the Norman Freeman Award, first given in 1953 as a memorial to Norman Freeman, ASB President, Class of 1947. The trophy is engraved “For the Grossmont student who has most strengthened democracy through participation and leadership in student government.” This year’s recipient, the 65th, is Kamryn Correll.

In 1925, outstanding seniors were first recognized with a Circle G, which was the highest award then given to graduating seniors. In 2017, for the 93rdyear, 6 seniors were honored:Emily Barnes, John Flaherty, Madeline Morrison, Ben Sichel, Irene Van Oosbree, and Joseph Williams.Each student received a gold pin, a G enclosed in a circle, a reminder of the legacy binding GHS graduating seniors.

Since 1965, the Principal’s Letters of Commendations have been awarded to students who have distinguished themselves in particular areas at Grossmont. This year, Principal Dan Barnes recognized 13 students:Gracie Briggs, Jenny Burch, Sable Fest, Vinie Hauser, Brett Hayes, Candace Hendersen, Jeffrey Kay, Chase Karlo, Alicia McGuire, Kayla Mendoza, Delila Munoz, Devon Shrestha, and Bethany Weddle.

During the ceremony, Principal Dan Barnes, reflecting on the Class of 2018 and their accomplishments, stated, “Tens of thousands of graduates have crossed this stage before you and many thousands will follow.You are part of a remarkable tradition, one that probably included many grandparents and parents here in the audience this afternoon. So, graduates of 2018, as you celebrate your achievements today, make sure that you take special pride in that tradition.”

Thank you to student Kimberly Bond for the wonderful photos!

June 2018 Foothiller Good News

As graduation nears, Grossmont High School has much to celebrate for the second semester.  

Outstanding Teachers

Congratulations to two outstanding teachers who were recognized by the students and teachers.

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May 2018 Girls and Boys Volleyball

  • 2018 Boys Volleyball Team
  • 2017 Valley League Girls VB Champs

Another relatively “new” Grossmont High School sport is Volleyball.  Since the first volleyball team “took the court” in 1972, Grossmont students have enjoyed the challenges and the excitement of volleyball.

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April 2018 Shorter Visits by International Students

  • 1963 - Sandra Conner Nichols and Gilda
  • 2018 - GHS Australian Students Visit SD Zoo

Not all international students who visit Grossmont stay for the entire school year.  Historically, Foothillers have also hosted students who visit for shorter periods of time.

In October 1963, a program that fostered international understanding was “Operation Amigo”, which was sponsored by the San Diego Union.  Spanish teacher Bob Miller, who was “interested in improving Latin America’s image of the United States”, made the transportation arrangements and traveled with the students from Mexico City to San Diego.  30 students arrived at Lindbergh Field from Costa Rica and Peru to “cheers and waves of Grossmont High band, Caperettes, and official greeters.  Banners in Spanish welcomed the visitors who were to stay for two weeks.”

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March 2018 Yearlong International Programs

  • Lily Aw and Michel Osinski visit the Museum 2013
  • Nathalie Mock and Meghan Ellis at 2017 tennis banquet

Welcoming international students to Grossmont High School has been a tradition at Grossmont, creating life altering experiences and lifelong friendships. One prominent program for decades at GHS was the American Field Service.  According to their 1969-1974 newsletters, AFS “began with a group of WWI ambulance drivers who wanted to help bring peace and understanding to the young people of the world.” The AFS motto proclaims, “Walk together, Talk together, O Ye People of the Earth, Then and only then shall ye have peace.”

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