Foothiller Footsteps, July 2017 - Graduation

thumb 2017 daisychainFor 96 years, Grossmont High School’s students and staff have taken great pride in the traditions surrounding graduation. Thursday, June 8h, 459 seniors became part of an amazing group-36,200 Foothiller graduates. Since 1936, the graduating seniors have been led into the ceremony by the Daisy Chain, an 81-year tradition. The teaching staff selects 50 young men and young women on the basis of their school activities, scholarship, and citizenship.  Each year the students create two ivy chains with daisies interwoven into them, which these outstanding juniors carry; being selected is the highest honor awarded juniors. This year, as in earlier years, the students used ivy growing on campus, some of which was originally planted by Kate Sessions in 1926.

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Foothiller Footsteps, June 2017 - GHS Good News

  • 2017 Auto Technology
  • 2017 Hackers
  • Club Green

It’s our favorite time of the semester as we share our pride in our Foothiller Achievements the past few months.

Varsity Athletics
Boys Volleyball Hills League Champion
Boys Tennis Valley League Champion
Boys Lacrosse League Champion
Boys Track Valley League Champion: Head Coach John Mozerka states, “Thank you to all the student-athletes that made the 2017 Grossmont Track and Field Team such a success. Your hard work and dedication paid off!” With their undefeated dual meet record, the Varsity Boys Team added 2017 to the 24 previous League Championships!

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Foothiller Footsteps, May 2017 - Mock Trial

mock trial 2017In March, Grossmont High School students participated in the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition, for the fourth year. The Mock Trial Competition is sponsored by local, state, and federal courts and the San Diego County Bar Association.  Each high school team consists of between 8 and 25 students.  SDCBA assists in providing lawyer coaches while the courts provide the judges and the courtrooms.  This year 29 county high schools participated in the competition.

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Foothiller Footsteps, April 2017 - Softball

  • 1927 Indoor Girls Baseballl Team
  • 2016 CIF Softball Team

The roots of today’s Grossmont High School softball teams reach back to the 1920’s. Beginning in 1925, Grossmont girls played in countywide indoor baseball teams, winning the county championship in 1925 and 1926. In 1926, the girls played seven games against Coronado, Fallbrook, Point Loma, La Jolla, Sweetwater, Escondido, and Mountain Empire.

In the early 1950’s, Foothiller girls began playing softball rather than baseball.  Since 1978, and the advent of the 1972 Title 9,  Grossmont High School has fielded girls softball teams.  From 1986 to 2011, Grossmont teams won 12 League Championships. In 1989 11th year softball coach Steve Sutton led his team to a league championship and Grossmont’s first Softball CIF Championship. 

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