Thank You To Our 2020 Donors

2020 Financial Donations

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to keep the Foothiller Spirit Alive:

Big G on the Hill Solar Light: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

General Fund:   Herb Hafter, Class of 1966; Cheryl Kitt Bryan, Class of 1966; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955

New Museum: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962; Tom Karnowski, Class of 1970; Rochelle and Chuck Ferguson in Memory of Edna Swink Kouns, Class of 1932; Linda Cone in Memory of Lorraine Elliot Glenn Schribner, Class of 1962; Pam Strong Checkwood, Class of 1962

New Museum Showcases: Rex Upp, Class of 1960; Robin Luby, Retired English Teacher; Bill Ashman, Retired GHS Principal; Patricia Mercer Potter, Class of 1948; Jenifer Mendell, Class of 1971 and Retired Staff

1950's Showcase Sponsored by the Classes of 1951 and 1952: Gerald Hansen and Kris Torrey; Marilyn Southcott; Deanna Taty-Kasden; Rodney G. Seiler; Ginger Sievers-Herlihy; Laurel Pinnick; Louise Bunger Simpson

Pageant Book: Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965

2020 Memorabilia

Bonita Brimcombe, Class of 1972: Blue and Gold Crocheted Book Mark, Courtesy of Ken Wilson, Class of 1972

Dave Campbell, Class of 1955The Importance of Being Earnest Program and Cast Photo; Petition to Senora Lane for More Movies from Spanish IV; 4 Campaign Flyers from Class of 1955; 1954 Commendation Report for Algebra II; Blank Notice to Parents; 3 Transfer Requests for Drama and ASB; Note-rack News Column by Dave written for The La Mesa Scout; Original Art Work by Dennis Depert, One in Response to Construction; One Parodying the Unseasonable Rain; George Gross Homework Guest Artist Flyer and Comments on Each; November 12, 1954 Football Program; 1954-55 Hall Pass.

Gail Edwards, Daughter of Lavola Sinram Edwards, Class of 1932: Candid May 13, 1932 Photo of 4 Friends Laughing and Eating Beside the "Castle"

Family of Gloria Higgins, Class of 1947: 3 El Recuerdo Yearbooks: 1943, 1945, 1946

Bill Hoffman, Class of 1964: 2 Enlargement Prints with Names of the Dedication of the Auditorium-Gymnasium 1937 Sign Funded by the Class of 1964

Family of Frank McIntyre, Class of 1942: 4  Foothill Echoes: Two 1940; Two 1941; Two 1942; Two 1992 The Daily Californian  October 23, 1992 Article on Class of 1942 Sharing Memories with GHS Students; Football Schedule Cards: 1939, 1940, and 1941; 1940-1941 and 1941-42 ASB Cards

Mike Mendoza, Class of 1964: Six Foothiller Football Programs from September 21-November 16, 1962 and Two 1978-1993 Wrestling Bags  

Frank Olson, Class of 1962: Letterman’s Sweater for 3 Sports: Football, Basketball, and Baseball

Mel Scott, Class of 1953: Three Year Varsity Football Letterman's Sweater  with Star for Captain

Kim Bishop Williams, Class of 1973:Disneyland Grad Night Souvenir Book; 8 1971 Pageant Tickets; 1969 and 1971 Pageant Programs; 1970 Band Sign Corp Photo; 1970 Leadership Conference Program; 1971 Leadership Conference Letter; 7 Football Programs from 1969-1970, including 1970 CIF game; 12 Foothill Echoes from October1969-June 1971; 1970 and 1971 Pep Ribbons and Football Articles, including CIF Games

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