Thank You 2019 Donors

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

Binding of 1930 and 1933 El Recuerdos and Foothill Echoes, 2009-2012: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Boys 2019 Tennis Program: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Boys 2019 Cross Country Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

Christmas Pageant Book: Edward Staldler, Class of 1953

Girls 2019 Tennis Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

General Fund: Cheryl Kitt Bryan, Class of 1966; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955; Shelby Miller, Retiree; Jim Birren, Class of 1977; Bill Woolman, Class of 1962; Tim Glover, GUHS District Superintendent; John Steiger, Class of 1945; Helen Ofield, Lemon Grove Historical Society President; Donna Mani, Class of 1954; Nancy Carr Short, Class of 1959; Patricia Potter, Class of 1948; Amy Sonka Kasznel, Class of 1951; Timothy Young, Class of 1963

Gloria Jones, ASB Room Commerative Bronze Plaque: Gayle Landes, Class of 1986

New Museum: Bruce Davidson, Retired GHS Teacher; Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965; Cassandra Muntz in honor of Deanna Brady Sampson; Deanna Brady Sampson, Class of 1965 for a Showcase; The Gerald W. Fackler Trust

Office Supplies: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Painting the Big G on the Hill: Eddie Ramos, GHS Staff, and Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Tree of Knowledge Benches and Attendance Office Bench: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia.

Charlotte McGowen Acord, Class of 1948: Class of 1948 Memory Book of Those who Have Died; Class of 1948 Reunion Information including 2010 mailing addresses, reunion flyers, etc.; 2013 GHS Alumni Directory; 5 GHS Reunion Books from 2002 to 2009; 3 copies of the 1948 Commencement Program; May 17, 1946 Commissioners’ Ball Dance Card; and her 1970 SDS College Commencement Program.  

Michele Friedman Alexandria, Class of 1984: 1984 Prom Bid; 1983 and 1984 Foothill Echoes; 1984 Senior Privilege Card; 1983 Homecoming Ribbon; 1983 Winter Formal Bid;  1984 Baccalaureate Script; 1980 Student Handbook Peechee Folder

Jeannette Anderson, Class of 1959: 1958-1959 Royal Blue Corp Pom Pon Corp Uniform with Accessories

Art Ballantyne, Class of 1953: Memorabilia Received from Richard Dunlop that He Used to Write His History of the Christmas Pageant and Copy of the 1950 Christmas Pageant Program; Newspaper Articles about the Pageant; Valley of Opportunity Pages about the Pageant

Audrey Seidel Becker, Retired Teacher: 1969 Vocal Music Record

Jerry Botts, Class of 1970: 1972 Century Complete Course  Typewriting Book, Used by GHS Students

Jennifer Potts Brennan, Class of 1990: Royal Blue Regiment Pep/Spirit Wear 1986-1990: T-Shirt 1988-1989, Captain’s Sweatshirt 1988-1990, Yellow Pageantry Corps T-Shirt 1989-1990, Jen+Kat Hawaiian T-Shirt; 1990 White polo, Spring Band Trip Uniforms; Blue Satin Royal Blue Regiment Jacket with Nickname and GHS Baseball Wear, belonging to Scott J. Alexander Brennan:1990 CIF Champs T-shirt; GHS Baseball Alumni T-shirt; Class of 1990 Senior Signature T-shirt;  8x10 Color Photos of 1989 and  1990 Baseball Teams; G Letter for Baseball

Bonny Bennett Burns, Class of 1967: 1966 Christmas Pageant Program, Several Newspaper Articles about the 1966 Pageant, including the Foothill Echoes and the La Mesa Scout

Dave Campbell, Class of 1955: 1955 Grossmont Blue and Gold Band Uniform March in Time Give a Dime Card; 1955 "A Full House" Program; 1955 Report Card

Bud Close, Class of 1946, and Retired Science Teacher: Enlargement of 1937 Aerial View of GHS Postcard

Ron Cooper, Class of 1943:  1941 C Track Letter; 1943 Track Letter; Two Action Shots of Roy Hurdling and One Roy in Stance on Track; Roy with His Letterman's Sweater on in Front of 1930's Model a Car before 1943 Track Season; Roy Wearing Same Sweater Today.

Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired English Teacher: GHS Speech Memorabilia including 8x10 Photographs of Speech Team Competitors from the Dick Plum Era as well as the Sharon Galvin Era; Speech Team Photographs and Newspaper Article; SDSU Football Programs from 1949 to 1951 belonging to Bill Davis, Class of 1948 and GHS Principal, and a 1950 Track Program, All which Will Be Donated to SDSU Special Collections or the Alumni Center.

El Cajon Valley High School Museum: Two Sophomore G Letters, One for Basketball and One for Football; Two San Diego History Magazine Articles, One of the Railroad in San Diego, One on the Grossmont Artist Colony; 1988 Grossmont District Field Spectacular Program

Charlene (Emmons) Craig, Daughter of William Emmons Class of '40: Class of 1986 Pageant Program; 1936- 1939 Spanish, English, Chemistry Notebook; 1936 Student Report “My Vocation-Commercial Art”; A Tale of Two Cities Illustrated Book Report with Drawings by Bill; Evangeline Pictorial Book Report; 1938 El Recuerdo Original Drawings and Sketches

David and Sherry Gillespie, Class of 1968: Athletic Team Photographs by Village Studio, 2005-06; 2006-07

Marilyn Hawley Gouy, Class of 1948: Class Ring

David Groce, Class of 1952: Two Sided 78 Record of "All Hail to Dear Grossmont" and "Come Raise a Song", GHS Band and Girls Trio  and ASB Chorus, Directed by Harol Lutz

Jerry Halterman, Class of 1959:  Newspaper Articles about Dick Baker, Class of 1947,  and His All Metropolitan League Basketball Team Photograph

Family of Kathleen Havens, Class of 1940: 8x10 Photograph of the Varsity Football Team with the Old Gym in the Background; 1937 and 1938 El Recuerdos; 1939 Christmas Pageant Program; 1940 Commencement Program; 1939 Gold Football Pin for Chain; 2 Grossmont Alumni Association Reunion Books

Bill Hoffman, Class of 1964: "Songs in the Key of G" CD

The Family of Vernon Kennedy, Class of 1948: 1944 Yearbook

Family of Ken Lane, Class of 1948, and Mavis Lachman Lane, Class of 1950: 6 El Recuerdos 1945-1950; Candid Photographs of School Life at GHS and La Mesa Grammar School; Classes of 1948 and 1950 Reunion Photographs and Information

Robin Luby, Retired English Teacher: 90 Foothill Echoes from 1978-1986; 18 El Recuerdos 1978-1999, 8 Obras, 12 Graduation Programs,4 Baccalaureate Programs, 5 Pageant Programs, 6 Student Handbooks, Drama, Dance, Choir Programs, Junior Ball and Senior Prom Invitations, 1979 Donkey Basketball Flyer and Program, Girls Volleyball Program, Football Programs,1992 ASB Constitution and Awards Assembly, 1978 Leadership Conference Program, Homecoming Court and More!

Randy Mann, Class of 1984 ?: 1984 Fashion Show DVD, which Randy produced.

Donna Rodia Mani, Class of 1954:Class Ring

Lauren McGowen, Class of 1969: 39 1965-1969 Foothill Echoes from 

Gordon Murdock, Class of 1960: Freshman Beanie; Class of 1958 Band Jacket with 1958 letter with 2 Stars: Three 33 Records: Fall 1959 Grossmont Blue and Gold Band, Arthur C. Schwuchow, Director; 1960 SCSBOA Regional Festival at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA ; Side 1 All Southern California HS Honor Band at Orange Coast College; April 1960 Clinton Sawin, Director; Side 2 GHS Concert Band at Orange Coast College April 30, 1960; James W. Nichols, Director; 1962 Spring Valley Junior HS  A Choral Band and Orchestra Spring Concert

Randy Olson, Class of 1962: Class Ring

Jim and Grayce Gates Parli, Classes of 1952 and 1954: 2 Touch of Class 1987 35th Reunion T Shirts for a Joint GHS and Helix HS Reunion (They Shared GHS's Campus Helix's First Year)

Joan Lindsay Pollycutt, Class of 1953: 1952-1953 Cheerleader Sweater and Photograph; GUHS Foothiller G Pennant.

Patricia Mercer Potter, Class of 1948: 1922 Photograph of GHS; 1982 Newspaper Retrospective on El Cajon's Old School

The Family of Bob Russell, Class of 1949: 1946 and 1947 El Recuerdos

Jane Dymalski Samson, Class of 1964:  21st Annual All Western Band Review Long Beach 8x10 Photo and 2 Ribbons 

 Won Sweepstakes; 20th Annual All Western Band Review November 26, 1960 Ribbon; 22nd Annual All Western Band Revie November 24, 1962 Ribbon; 23rd Annual All Western Band Review November 30, 1963 Ribbon; 2nd Annual Autumn Band Jamboree November 11, 1960, 2 copies ; 3rd Annual Autumn Band Jamboree November 4, 1961 ;5th Annual Band Jamboree Program November 2, 1963, 2 copies; SD County Music Educators Association Instrumental Music Festival Ribbons 2 1962 and 1 1963; Band Letter; 1961 Spring Concert Program; 1962 Spring Concert Program; November 1961 Newsletter for Parent’s Club about Sweepstakes Win; January 1, 1961 A Director’s Memories of the Rose Parade Trip with Comments from Others; 1961 Newspaper Articles on Sweepstakes Trophy at All Western Band Review; 1963 Newspaper Article on Chaffey Championship; Rose Parade Newspaper Articles

1962, 1963, 1964 Nominating Convention Programs and Ribbon; 1964 Nominating Convention Delegates; 1964 Nominating Convention Procedures; 1964 Nominating Convention Newsletter; Hill Howlers Decals of Logo and GUS and Join Hill Howlers Badge; 1963 Blue and Gold Fantasy Dance Card; 3 Pep Football Ribbons; 1963 Football Program     ;1962 Commencement Program ;Seniors Welcome Frosh Ribbon; 1964 Commencement Program, 2 copies and Souvenir Announcement; 1964 After Grad Invitation June 6, 1964 Aboard the Marietta ; Happiness is Being a Senior Souvenir Book of Senior Activities ;September 1963 Letter from Class President about Year’s Activities ;Class of 1964 Senior Privilege Card ;Aloha Senior Card Book Class of 1964 ; Operation Amigo Newspaper Article ; Speech Team Newspaper Articles ;Football Newspaper Articles ;1960-61 ASB Card ;1962, 1963 Christmas Pageant Programs

Nancy Short, Class of 1959: 1959 Red Robe Choir Service Award Pin and 1959 Senior Key

Family of Edward Sly, Class of 1936: 1934 and 1936 El Recuerdos; 1935 Varsity Baseball League Champion Photo; April 1935 Panoramic Photo of the Campus and the Student Body.  

Family of William Sly, Class of 1939: 1937, 1938, and 1939 El Recuerdos; October 1939 GHS vs La Jolla Football Game Snapshot

Karen Stephens, Foothiller Mom: 1964 Christmas Pageant Program; 1965 Band Newspaper Article; Tenth Annual Corona Invitational Band Jamboree 1964; Second Annual D.E. Student Leadership 1965 GUHSD Conference; Two Newspaper Articles.

Jim Stieringer, Class of 1958: Frank Zappa Art Contest Article; Two GHS Student Life Photos 

Jennifer Guider Walthall, Class of 1967: 2 Photographs of Spring 1967 "You Can't Take It with You; Newspaper Clipping of Dorothy Smith Being Congratulated on Her Retirement after 40 Years at GHS.

Mary Willis, Class of 1959: 1957 Red Robe Choir Parents Annual Awards Banquet; Misc. Photos, including Girls of the Week;  April 1957 Military Ball Bid; 2 NewspaperArticles about CA Cadet Military Ball, and CA Cadet Awards; 

Ken Wilson, Class of 1972: Wooden Frame, Easel, Storage Basket, Dying Dreams Written by Audrey Seidel Becker, Retired Drama Teacher, Article on Charles Hofflund, Class of 1936, Assembling RAF Plans in 1941


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