In Recognition of Donations of Money and Memorabilia

We want to thank the wonderful supporters of the GHS Museum who have donated money or memorabilia to the Museum. With immense gratitude and appreciation for assisting us as we worked to create the GHS Museum, Connie and Lynn Baer especially want to thank Marilyn Morse for guiding and supporting and mentoring us.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We need your help!


leave printThe GHS Museum and Alumni Association need your support to continue our efforts to celebrate, preserve, and display our remarkable Foothiller history. As we look ahead to moving into the 3300 square foot dance room (rec room in old Girls PE Building) in 2019, we need your financial donations to fund new display cases since only a few cases in the current Museum are portable.
Also, please help us fund our newest book documenting the 62-year Pictorial History of the Christmas Pageant, a two year project.

Donations of any amount are welcome. To make a donation, please donate via Pay Pal or write a check payable to GHS Educational Foundation and mail to GHS Museum, P.O. Box 1043, La Mesa, CA 91944.

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

Band Book Balance: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962

Christmas Pageant Book: Steve Sensebach, Class of 1950, in Honor of His Brother Robert Sensenbach, Class of 1958; Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant Cast;

Carol Cunningham, Class of 1944; James Pascarella, Class of 1969; Bobbie Plough, Class of 1972; Mary Swarner Kucala, Class of 1957

Front Monument: Bill Woolman, Class of 1962, and Gene Chubb, Class of 1948 

General Fund: Class of 1949 Reunion Proceeds; Janet Glaze, Class of 1954; Martin Kennedy, Retired Teacher; Steve Kitchen, Class of 1967; Juan Delacruz, Class of 1982; Patricia Potter, Class of 1948; Robert Sloan, Class of 1950; Marilyn Summers Wojdak, Class of 1957 and Retired Staff; Carole Sample, Class of 1955; Bonnie Moore Ford, Class of 1947; Marilyn Summers Wojdak, Class of 1957 and Retired Staff; Carole E. Sample, Class of 1955; Mary McCreary, Class of 1958; Ted Sieckman, Class of 1953; Melanie Steckbauer Hagerty, Class of 1988; Peggy van den Akken, Retired Teacher; Robin Luby, Retired Teacher; Christine H. Koezeman, Class of 1968; Bill Woolman, Class of 1962; Tim Young, Class of 1963; Shelby Miller, Retired Staff

New Museum Site: JoAnne Husson, GHS Retired Teacher; Martin Kennedy, GHS Retired Teacher; Evelyn Lasswell, GHS Retired Teacher; Bud Close, Class of 1946 and Retired Teacher; Jean Landis, Class of 1936; Class of 1963 40th Reunion Committee; Bob Stockton, Class of 1955,

Patricia Potter, Class of 1948; Gerald W. Fackler Trust.

Pageant Book: Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant Cast; James Pascarella, Class of 1969; Bobbie Plough, Class of 1972; Mary Swarner Kucala, Class of 1957; Angelica K. Teixeira, Class of 1976

2018 Boys Tennis Program: Martin Kennedy, Retired Teacher and Coach

2018 Girls Tennis Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

2018-2019 Girls Basketball Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

2019 Boys and Girls Track Program: Sharon Galvin Davis, Retired Teacher

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Family of William Bledsoe, Class of 1940, and Audrey Bledsoe, Class of 1945: William's Track Letterman's Sweater with A Track Letter; B Track Letter; FFA Letter; Foothiller Gold Pennant with Sun over Hill above Foothillers; 2 8x10 Aerial Black and White Photographs of Grossmont, one 1945, one 1950; from Audrey her GAA Letter

Bud Close, Class of 1946 and Retired GHS Teacher: Photographs Taken on Campus during Bud's 4 Years as a Student

Family of John Cornelius, Class of 1928: Gold G with One Star Letter

Bruce Davidson, Retired GHS Administrator and Government Teacher: Bruce's Amazing Collection of Presidential Pins from William Jennings Bryan in 1894 to Barack Obama in 2012, including a 1924 Cooleridge Thimble and a 1928 Hoover Pencil with Eraser and a Click with Dick Pin; WWII War Ration Holder with Food and Mileage Coupons with Two Popular WWII Buttons: "Kick 'em in the Axis" and "Exterminate These 3 Rats"

Family of Ruthie Schmidt Embellton, Class of 1949: Scottie Embelton's Letterman's A Letteman's Sweater for Basketball with Ruthie's 1949 Cheer Megaphone Letter and her Senior 1949 Sweater Letter with Gus and G and a Copy of a September 1948 Photograph of the 3 Cheerleaders: Rudy Jones, Ruthie Schmidt, and Bev Long

Mike Hart, Class of 1970:  The San Diego County Sports Officials Hall of Fame Inductee Biography 

Family of Beth Edwards Hampton, Class of 1944:  April 1, 1941 “Futile Echoes”, a Parody of the Student Newspaper, a 44 Letter with G and a GSC (Grossmont Speech Club) Torch Pin with a G and on a Chain, as well as Her Brother’s (Dick Edwards, Class of1941)1944 El Recuerdo yearbook.  

Family of Frances Kavalaukas, Class of 1967: 1967 Gold Honor Grad Cords and Tassle; 1967 Class Ring; 1967 Framed Graduation Photo of Frances in Her Cap and Gown

Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940, Family: Grossmont HS Scrapbook 1936-1940;  Pages from His Autobiography relating to GHS; Photographs of Robert and other Football Players in Their Uniforms on the Upper Quad and Rose Parade Photos, Graduation Photos; Hall of Honor Plaque; 1940 GUHS Diiploma; 1940 Letter from Jack Mashin 

Jean Landis, Class of 1936: 318th W4 Silver Wings; 2009 WASP Congressional Gold Medal and 2 Pages of Congressional Record: WASP 1942-1944: From Jean's Leather Jacket the Mascot of the AAF Women Pilot Trainees Designed by Walt Disney in the Fall of 1942: Copy of the 1934 Christmas Pageant Program: December 4, 1944 Life Magazine: January 19, 1943 Life Magazine (page 80 photo of Jean); Books: We Were WASPS by Winifred Wood c. 1945: Superwoman: Jacquelin Cochran book c 1999 by Billie Pittman Ayers and Beth Dees: Seized by the Sun-Gertrude Thompkins c 2017 by James W. Ure: Women Aloft c 1981 by Valerie Moolman : She Wore Silver Wings DVD (Emmy Award): The Ninety-Nines Inc. Memorabilia: Other WASP Memorabilia including Photos from 2015 Hall of Honor Induction; 8 WASP Museum and Military Women Calendars with Historic Photos:Photos from 2015 Hall of Honor Induction including Jean's Hall of Honor Plague;  1937, 1938, 1940 Del Sudoeste SDSU Yearbooks: 5 Copies of 2015-2017 WASP Newsletters

Donna Swennes, Daughter of Don Lindes, Class of 1932: 1931 Gold Medal Southern League Track Meet Discus Pin; 1932 Silver Medal Southern League Track Meet Discus Pin

Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant: 3 Photos of Esther at the Age of 5 as the Spirit of Christmas in the Feast Scene

Cathy Marvier: 45 record The Monday Morning Quarterback with the Grossmont High School Pep Band recorded in 1972

Marie Nelson, Class of 1966: Marie's Senior Picture and 3 Slides of her 1966 Graduation; 2 Copies of the 1983 Commencement Ceremony

Bob Offord, Class of 1968: 2 Koozies (Can Holders) Designed for Their 50th Reunion

Steve Stangel, GHS Parent: Grossmont High School Instrumental Highlights 1978-1979 Two Record Set Directed by Jim Nichols

Ron Reid, Class of 1970: Tennis Memorbilia including CIF SD 1968 Tennis Champs Patch;  3 Year G for Tennis with 4 Pins-3 Grossmont District League Tennis Finals, 1968 1st Singles, 1969 2 nd Singles, 1970 1 st Singles; and your 1968 SD Section Calif. Interscholastic Fed Pin for 1 st Place and  2 newspaper articles, two on the 1968 tennis team being CIF Champions and a copy of the photograph of the loving memorial at Woodie Clarke’s grave celebrating the team's historic championship.

Mike Smith, Class of 1983: 9 Foothill Echoes newspapers from 1984-1986

Joy Fanning Stovall, Class of 1975: 2016 US Astronaut Hall of Fame Program Honoring Ellen Ochoa on her Induction

Angelica K. Teixeira, Class of 1976: 1975 Madonna Photo and 2 1975 Newspaper Christmas Pageant Articles

Thomas West, Class of 1969: 12 "Brownie" Photos of the (1965-1968) Mother Goose Parade Featuring the GHS Blue and Gold Regiment

Ken Wilson, Class of 1972: GHS Class of 1972 Presidents Gavel with 4 Presidents Names Engraved on It; 40th Reunion Photo of the 4 Presidents in 2012; 1970 Nominating Convention Program and Delegate Ribbon; GHS Diploma Case; 1968 Student Handbook; 1970 Christmas Pageant Program; Student Parking Permit; 1972 10th Year Reunion Ticket

Dee Duncan, the Niece of Elizabeth Woodhead, Class of 1949 and Agnes Woodhead, Class of 1946: April 12, 1944 Framed GUHS Student Body Photography and January 28, 1943 Photograph of Lemon Grove Elementary and Its Student Body


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