In Recognition of Donations of Money and Memorabilia

We want to thank the wonderful supporters of the GHS Museum who have donated money or memorabilia to the Museum. With immense gratitude and appreciation for assisting us as we worked to create the GHS Museum, Connie and Lynn Baer especially want to thank Marilyn Morse for guiding and supporting and mentoring us.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We need your help!


leave printThe GHS Museum and Alumni Association need your support to continue our efforts to celebrate, preserve, and display our remarkable Foothiller history. As we look ahead to moving into the 3300 square foot dance room (rec room in old Girls PE Building) in 2019, we need your financial donations to fund new display cases since only a few cases in the current Museum are portable.
Also, please help us fund our newest book documenting the 62-year Pictorial History of the Christmas Pageant, a two year project.

Donations of any amount are welcome. To make a donation, please donate via Pay Pal or write a check payable to GHS Educational Foundation and mail to GHS Museum, P.O. Box 1043, La Mesa, CA 91944.

Our 2018 Donors

Sponsorship Donors

Our thanks to these wonderful individuals who "answered our call" to fund these Museum projects:

General Fund: Class of 1949 Reunion Proceeds

Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant: Pageant Book

Memorabilia Donors

We thank these wonderful donors of GHS Memorabilia:

Esther Drew Long, 1941 Christmas Pageant: 3 Photos of Esther at the Age of 5 as the Spirit of Christmas in the Feast Scene

Cathy Marvier: 45 record The Monday Morning Quarterback with the Grossmont High School Pep Band recorded in 1972

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