Hall of Honor

2015 Hall of Honor
2015 Hall of Honor

From the 1960's to the 1980's, 27 Grossmont alumni were selected as Honor Graduates. Beginning in 2010, and every 5 years subsequent, Grossmont High School's Hall of Honor will welcome notable alumni or faculty/staff/community members who have achieved in one of several areas: athletics, academics, arts, public service or who have been dedicated faculty, staff or community members. Currently, there ar 39 Hall of Honor Members. Click here for a complete list.

Below are the photographs and the text from the Hall of Honor plaques presented to each honoree; these plaques are displayed in the Museum! These individuals have brought honor to Grossmont High School after their graduation or through their years of involvement with Grossmont.

2020 Hall of Honor

Please join us Saturday, October 17, 2020 for the Induction Ceremony.

With the addition of these 12 inductees, the Hall of Honor will acknowledge the achievements of 51 outstanding Foothillers.

4 GHS Educators

  1. Ethel Prosser, GHS Pioneer Educator 1920-1952
  2. Carl Quicksall, GHS Pioneer Educator 1920-1944
  3. Eva McCarthy Quicksall, GHS Pioneer Educator, 1922-1962
  4. Gloria Jones, Legendary History Teacher 1962-2000 and ASB Advisor 1967-2000

8 GHS Alumni

  1. Gene Chubb, Class of 1948, GHS Benefactor
  2. John Lawrence Colonghi, Class of 1965, Financial and Public Affairs Consultant to American Indian Tribes and Chief Fundraiser for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)
  3. Scott Lippman, M.D., Class of 1973: Director of Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health Professor of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and Care, Chugai Pharmaceutical Chair in Cancer
  4. James P. Zumwalt, Class of 1974, Member of the State Department from 1981; Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal and the Republic of Guinea Bissau from 2015-2017
  5. Lora Cicalo, Class of 1979: Journalist; Managing Editor of The San Diego Union Tribune
  6. Darcy Arreola, Class of 1986, NCAA Four Time Track and Cross Country Champion
  7. Paul Wright, Class of 1987, MLS Player and Legendary San Diego Soccers Indoor Soccer Player
  8. Kristin Rhodes, Class of 1993, 8-Time winner of the America’s Strongest Woman Title and a 3-Time Strongest Woman World Champion.

Community and GHS Staff Honorees

Reverend Franklin “Bud” Held, Class of 1946

heldEven in his early years at Grossmont High School, Bud Held excelled in sports, competing in track and field, baseball, and tennis. In college, he became a superb javelin thrower, earning NCAA titles in 1948, 1949, and 1950. Held was the first American to hold the world javelin record in 1953 and bested his own record in 1955. Bud held 6 AAU national titles and 6 American records in the javelin and competed in the 1952 Olympics.

After careers as a minister and later a businessman, Held continued to excel athletically. In 2008, he competed in the USA Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championship, where he became the world record holder in the pole vault for ages 80-84.

Dan Lewis, Class of 1942

lewisAfter graduating from GHS, Dan attended San Diego State University, until he was called to military service. After the war, he graduated from San Diego State with distinction and honor, attended Claremont Graduate School where he earned his Masters Degree, and began teaching at Grossmont in 1950, moving to Helix when it opened. In 1958-1959, he worked with the orchestras at El Cajon, Helix, and Grossmont, adding Granite Hills in 1960-61, later leaving to teach at Grossmont Junior College.

In 1963, when he accepted a position to teach at California State College in Fullerton, former superintendent Lew Smith commented that “the high quality of musicianship combined with dedication to the students in his program and his sterling personal qualities forecast a bright future for him…).

Trained as a violinist, Dan helped to organize the San Diego Symphony after WW II and was their concertmaster for many years; in 1953 Robert Shaw appointed him assistant conductor of the San Diego Symphony, where he remained until 1959. He also played with the Starlight Opera Orchestra for many years. In 1959, he won the Fulbright Scholarship to study music in Munich, Germany. From 1959-1960, he studied at the University for Music in Munich.

From 1976-1995, Dr. Lewis headed the orchestra at the USC Thornton School of Music, becoming its first faculty member to receive the title of University Professor. During his career, Dr. Lewis worked with numerous orchestras, including the Pasadena Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Glendale Symphonies.

Daniel Lewis 5-10-25 to 7-7-1017  http://emeriti.usc.edu/daniel-lewis/

Clark Allen, Class of 1942

allenClark was a Renaissance man. During his amazingly artistic life, he was a musician, a musicologist, artist, sculptor, model-maker, nautical historian, actor, linguist, and world traveler.

He and his wife, dancer Margarita Cordova, after traveling through Spain and France for more than a year, created an act featuring the dances and songs they collected. In 1961, they founded El Cid, the renowned flamenco club in Los Angeles, where they entertained for more than 18 years. Also, Clark was also a talented artist; his paintings were collected by many including Vincent Price. In the 1960’s Clark toured with Carl Sandburg and Bette Davis in “The World of Carl Sandburg”, and appeared with Marlon Brando in “One Eyed Jacks”, and in several TV episodes of “The Twilight Zone” and “Peter Gunn”.

Clark Allen’s 1942 drawing of the original GHS granite Castle has become a symbol of Grosssmont High’s early history, appearing on our commemorative bronze plaques.

Dr. Robert H. Kokernot, Class of 1940

kokernotDr. Kokernot was an assistantdirector, Center for Zoonosis Researchat the University of Illinois. He received three doctorates, one in veterinary medicine from Texas A&M, one in medicinefrom Baylor University College of Medicine, and one in epidemiology from John's Hopkins University.

He served as a staff member for the Rockefeller Foundation and was assigned to South Africa and to Colombia. Dr. Kokernot worked in South Africa for six years and was on the medical faculty of the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, from 1961-1963. Upon his return to the United States in 1963, Dr. Kokernot worked on research at the University of Illinois.

Hall of Honoree, Dr. Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940

Here is the online link to his obituary June 2016:


In the past year, Robert shared with us the amazing influence that Coach Jack Mashin had on him; he donated a Friend tile in honor of Jack. His daughter Peggy shared, "I can't tell you what Coach Mashin meant to my dad during a very difficult period in his life. So often he has told me that he really felt the teachers and staff are what saved him.I think more than his college years, vet school and med school. GHS was truly dad's safe haven where he gained a desire for learning; a desire for knowledge."

Also, Robert was quite interested in the AP U.S. History reports last spring on the Japanese American students interned during WWII. "I had a very good friendSashoti Kidawho was Japanese in my class. He was also the quarterback. His parents were placed in the internment camps and he fought in WWII."

Douglas L. Inman, PhD., Class of 1938

inmanAs a student at Grossmont High School, Dr. Inman recalls the “outstanding faculty that taught interactive subjects so that it was easy to understand how they related to each other.” This discovery led him to decide to become a physical scientist who has spent his career as a research oceanographer doing Coastal Science along the world’s oceans.

Since 1953, Dr. Inman has been a Professor of Marine Geology in Oceanography in the University of California system, most recently at UCSD and the Center for Coastal Studies at Scripps, where he is the Project Director. Dr. Inman is a Professor Emeritus of Oceanography at Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the Founding Director of the Center for Coastal Studies at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD and has a website on coastal processes.

Dr. Inman holds degrees in Physics, Geology, Electronics, and a Ph.D. in Oceanography. In 1961, Dr. Inman was appointed a Guggenheim Fellow and is the author of over two hundred scientific publications and the winner of numerous awards and honors, which acknowledge his amazing contributions to the study of the world’s seas, which began years earlier as a student at Grossmont.

Douglas Inman 7-7-1920-2-16-2016


Frances Ellen Coughlin, Class of 1938


 In 1942, Frances graduated from San Diego State College with a degree in history, followed by a master’s degree in history at Claremont College, and post graduate study in Hispanic-American Studies at Stanford University.

While studying for her B.A. degree at SDSC, Frances was one of the first women to earn her pilot’s license through CAA.  During World War II, she served in the WASP, Women’s Air Force Service Pilots, and later was an instructor for Brazilian air cadets in Sao Paulo.

         Then, Miss Coughlin was employed by the Pan-American Union before joining the U.S. Foreign Service as a cultural affairs assistant in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

         Frances became fluent in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese and served as the cultural attaché of the American Embassies in Santiago, Lima, and Madrid.

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