A Look Back

1928football field

This is a wonderful photo from the past, which Lynn found in the 1928 El Recuerdo.  It was in a collage of photos and originally quite small. The photo shows students making a G (we think) on the football field.  In the background is the original school with an amazing view of the cloistered corridor arches that framed the back wing until the WPA construction of the two-story classroom building.

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to celebrate and display Grossmont’s wonderful history!

History of GHS

Have you ever looked east from the campus to appreciate the snow on the Cuyamaca Mountains, so beautiful and seemingly so close? Ever looked up from the campus to spot the cross on Mount Helix? Ever noticed how dramatic Cowles Mountain seems, when viewed from the football field during afternoon practice? Ever realized how good the breeze feels in the afternoon as it finally makes its way up through Mission Valley, past the La Mesa foothills to the Grossmont Summit? Have you ever walked home from school picking fruit to eat off the bountiful trees in the area? If you have, so have many other Grossmont High students past and present.

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