Remembering Edna Swink Kouns, Class of 1932

            We received word  of Edna's passing at the age of 105. 

            A Celebration of Life Service will be held Saturday, February 29th, 2020,  at 11 am in El Monte Park, Area 1.

            Edna helped us celebrate our 90th Anniversary in 2010 and was the first alumnus to look into the cornerstone before the contents were removed.  With her help fundraising, we were able to restore and display the contents in the GHS Museum.  

            4 years ago, GHS Alumni and current GHS teachers Don Ginn and Jeremy Cooke, and Connie, visited Edna in her home and recorded an interview with Edna as she shared her GHS memories.  

            Edna was a remarkable woman who enjoyed life and inspired others.   We were fortunate to call her a friend and enjoyed chatting with her over the years.


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Tommy Rutherford, Class of 2016, UCI Basketball Four Year Starter

Senior Tommy is a four year starter for UC Irvine's Basketball team.  Last year the team were Big West League  and Big West Tournament Champions; then, they won their first game against 4th seeded Kansas State in the NCAA Tournament.

Recently, UCI played at USD's Jenny Craig Pavilion,  and the large group of Foothiller Tommy fans, family, friends, and teachers were thrilled to see him playing again at "home".   Tommy scored 16 points (6 of 7) with 6 rebounds!

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Footprints on the Moon: GHS's 3 Astronauts

In honor of the 50 anniversary of Apollo 11's flight and walk on the moon, the San Diego Union-Tribune analyzes the contributions of the San Diego region on the space program, highlighting in the headline "3 astronauts who graduated from Grossmont High School", with a brief discussion of each astronaut, Bill Anders, Class of 1951; Ellen Ochoa, Class of 1975; and Rick Sturckow, Class of 1978.


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Pitchers Joe Musgrove, Class of 2011, and Steven Brault, Class of 2010, Return to GH

Two Foothillers returned to San Diego as pitchers for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Starting pitcher Joe and reliever Steven both won their games on Friday and Saturday.  On Thursday, they visited Grossmont to reconnect with the school, teachers, and coaches, and to visit with current baseball players.

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50th Anniversary of Apollo 8 and Historic Photograph "Earthrise", taken by Bill Anders, Class of 1951

       50 years ago on December 21st,  Apollo 8 was launched as the first manned spacecraft to reach and orbit the moon and return safely to Earth. 

       On Christmas Eve, the fourth day of their flight, Foothiller Astronaut Bill Anders took one of the most iconic photographs in history: the first photograph of Earth from above the surface of the moon.  The celebrated photo later named "Earthrise" became a symbol of the environmental movement and one of the most celebrated photos ever. 

        Recently, Bill shared with us this reflection, " In short, it's ironic that Apollo 8 came to explore the moon, but what we really discovered was the earth---small, beautiful, fragile, physically and astronomically insignificant yet humankind's home that we need to take better care of.”

        In November 2018, two craters on the moon were named to honor the historic flight and Bill's iconic photograph.

        Our December Foothiller Footsteps column discusses the flight.  Lynn read three books to prepare for the column.  Visit the Museum  to see the Apollo 8 memorabilia which Bill donated to GHS!

       Another article  you might enjoy: 



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