Class of 1966

Jana Chappell        
Jim Cole        
James Cundari Jr.        
Jack Dale        
Anthony Fares        
Joesph Gauthea        
Shannon Green        
Received a note from Shannon's wife that he passed away a few months ago.  Shannon had had 2 heart replacement surgeries, one back in the mid 1970's.
Dale Griffith        
Alan Handley        
David Hickman        
Carl Hill        
Wayne Hosaka     Date of Passing:  1/16/2011
Ken Howard        
Tim Karnowski        
Jim Kishler        
Tina Lowell        
Ralph Malinski        
Duane Meil        
Robert Parker        
Christine "Chris" Rath        
Suzanne Shaw        
Pat Shelton        
Stuart "Rocky" Smith        
Robert Swenson        
Robin Van En        
Suzanne Zietlow