Class of 1940

Hall of Honoree, Dr. Robert Kokernot, Class of 1940

Here is the online link to his obituary June 2016:

In the past year, Robert shared with us the amazing influence that Coach Jack Mashin had on him; he donated a Friend tile in honor of Jack. His daughter Peggy shared, "I can't tell you what Coach Mashin meant to my dad during a very difficult period in his life.  So often he has told me that he really felt the teachers and staff are what saved him. I think more than his college years, vet school and med school. GHS was truly dad's safe haven where he gained a desire for learning; a desire for knowledge."

Also, Robert was quite interested in the AP U.S. History reports last spring on the Japanese American students interned during WWII. "I had a very good friend Sashoti Kida who was Japanese in my class.  He was also the quarterback.  His parents were placed in the internment camps and he fought in WWII."  

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