Grossmont High School Hall of Honor

Class Name Year Honored
1925 Lawrence Carr  
1926 Captain Howard M. Avery USN  
1927 Paul T. Mannen  
1927 Brigadier General Osmond Ritland  
1928 Walter Barnett  
1928 Judge Fenton Garfield  
1929 Amorita Treganza  
1932 Ellamarie Packard Wooley  
1935 Richard O’Brien  
1936 Jean Landis 2015
1937 George Bailey  
1938 Frances Ellen Coughlin  
1938 Douglas L. Inman Phd.  
1940 Dr. Robert H. Kokernot  
1942 Clark Allen  
1942 Dan Lewis 1962
1946 Reverend Franklin “Bud” Held  
1948 Bill Davis  
1949 Ben Cloud 1967
1949 Frederick Martin Donohue  
1951 Bill Anders 1969
1951 Gordon Austin  
1954 Don Shields  
1956 Timothy Miller 1956
1958 James Choi Spackman 1970
1961 Michael D. Madigan  
1962 Steve Starr 1983
1962 Bill Woolman 2015
1965 Connie Baer 2010
1967 Brian Sipe 2015
1969 “Woody” George Clarke 2015
1972 Michele M. Marsh  
1973 Julia Stewart 2015
1975 Ellen Ochoa Astronaut 2010
1978 Rick Sturckow Astronaut 2010
Community and GHS Staff Honorees
Merle Donahue, 1929-1962 Vocal Music Teacher 2015
Colonel Ed Fletcher, GHS Benefactor 2010
Coach Jack Mashin, 1923-1960 GHS Coach/Teacher 2010
Jim Nichols, 1959-1988 Instrumental Music 2015

100th Anniversary Celebration Fall 2020


We know you are as eager as we are for this historic moment in Foothiller history. The celebration will begin with a Friday night football game, followed by a Saturday celebration, including the 2020 Hall of Honor induction ceremony and visits to the original restored 1922 Gray Castle and our expanded Museum in its permanent location.

Please help us fund our newest history photo book (In the Campus History Series published by Arcadia Press) written by La Mesa historian Jim Newland, author of four local history books.

We welcome donations of any amount to help with the cost of the book, which will be filled with 200 photos and information documenting our amazing history. To receive our 100th anniversary email updates, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Steven Brault, Class of 2010, Pittsburgh Pirate Pitcher and Broadway Show Tune Singer

Steven's first album "A Pitch at Broadway" was recently released.  Steven is not only a professional baseball player, he can sing...really well.   A Vocal Performance Major at Regis University, Steven also played baseball, leading to his developing "a skill for juggling his two passions that hasn't deserted him yet."

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